Sam & Max Save The World Remaster Review

Nostalgia is interesting. When the first episode of Teltail Games’ Sam & Max Save the World debuted in 2006, fans of Sam & Max Hit The Road in 1993 waited for years for dogs and rabbits to return. .. Now, Save the World is old enough to build its own nostalgic fan base and is keen to revisit these adorable weirdos again. Sam & Max Save the World Remastered isn’t a new game, but it can be revisited with significant visual and mechanical improvements implemented by developer Skunkape Games (a team of former Telltale people).

For beginners, Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is about two freelance police officers. Sam, a flashy and angry dog ​​who acts as the de facto leader of the duo, and Max, a fellow psychotic rabbit. Throughout the six episodes included in this remaster, the pair gets caught up in a mass hypnosis program and finally thwarts various enemies on the way to the great evil of the season during the finale. Teltail will eventually become known for its selection-focused narrative experiences like The Walking Dead and Wolf Agains As, but Sam & Max Save the World is much more traditional. A point-and-click adventure game-you talk to people, collect items, and use those items in a clever way to advance the story.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered on Nintendo Switch

Each episode of Save the World follows a similar pattern. Sam and Max get a call about a new case in the opening cutscene and start asking questions. Each episode is compact, runs for about two hours, and features up to three locations. Over time, recurring themes and characters emerge, and eventually the pair finds that some malicious connective tissue is running in all cases.

The plot doesn’t take itself particularly seriously, as the overall story is a bit unexploded. This is a good thing. While some side characters are fun (chicken actors, nearby neighbors who change jobs from episode to episode, Abraham Lincoln’s giant living statue), many of the recurring characters are more annoying than funny. Only very often can you talk to the squeaky child actor, who is the gimmick that he pees too often before he gets bored. Throughout the game, there are some fun individual moments and lots of great scenes, but most of the good jokes are saved for Sam and Max himself.

The two heroes are delighted. The conversation between Sam and Max is a mixture of bonmots, puns, and references to wild adventures. It’s easy to stick to Max’s irreverent love for violence and his unwavering dedication to Sam’s little companions. The game script is studded with fun Easter eggs, meta comments, and absurd jokes. Both characters are consistently entertaining throughout the adventure.


Game puzzles are fun and clever in most cases. They tend to come in groups. One or two episodes are given three tasks to complete, all interconnected in a smart way. It’s important to remember that you are playing a comedy game that follows the rules of comedy. And many of the solutions can be quite interesting. Logical leap is rare in the first half of the game, and there are some roundabout solutions in the second half, but it’s never too vague and ridiculous. It doesn’t give your brain full training, but it’s enough for you to feel wise.

This remastered game has been updated with a widescreen display, controller support, uncompressed audio, and significantly overhauled visuals. Sam & Max Save the World wasn’t a spectator by 2006 standards, but now it’s gorgeous, the character model has been reworked, and the lighting system adds a lot of depth and personality to the experience. Despite these major upgrades, the original art remains almost intact and is refined rather than replaced. Lots of chintz decorations and ugly fonts you wouldn’t want otherwise. The look and feel of the game is still unique after many years. There are some subtle cell shadings to give your character a cartoonish look and it fits perfectly into the overall tone. This is a significant upgrade and is a significant improvement over the flat graphics of the original release. It may look a bit blurry in handheld mode, but it also looks great on Switch.

Now you can control the thumb directly instead of guiding it with the pointer (as in the original release), which feels much more natural than before. The ability to highlight all objects that can be manipulated by tapping the L button reduces frustrating pixel hunting, streamlines controls, and feels like a game specially built with the controller in mind. I will. If you want, you can also play with the Switch touch screen. Controlling Sam by clicking and dragging works, but I switched to Joy-Con almost immediately. Still, it’s a good option.

The game works beautifully. This is a blessing for anyone who has played the original release on the Wii or Xbox 360. The load time is short, the frame rate is stable, and there are no problems or breaks throughout the 6-episode series. All these changes are welcome. It’s enough to hope that Skunkape can go back and fix all the old Telltale games.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered on Nintendo Switch
Sam & Max Save the World Remastered on Nintendo Switch

The development team also changed some camera angles, added new songs, and changed the timing of some jokes. Bosco, the owner of a local convenience store and a key side character, has been re-recorded-he was a black man previously spoken by a white actor and was thankfully fixed-but it Otherwise, the conversation hasn’t changed, even worse. Most of the games are interesting, but some jokes are older than others. At times, games may defeat or rely on stereotypes for gag. I don’t hate them completely, but these lazy jokes don’t fit well next to the more effective surreal humor of the game. The fact that you’re playing as a triggering cop with two guns also makes a different hit now, but the characters and situations are all weird and exaggerated, so from reality during play. It can be easily separated.

In other areas, the advancing era of games can be a kind of fascinating. The fact that there is a joke that Keanu Reeves is a bad actor is certainly the date of the game. The chapter in which Max confronts the US President is presented, among other things, as a satire of the hay of George W. Bush’s robot threatening to introduce. Things, mandatory gun registration. One chapter takes place within the virtual reality version of the Internet. It feels very strange to see a pastiche on the web that does not contain references to social media. The situation has changed significantly over the years. These jokes are game dates, but they also give a keen sense of time and place. The heart of the original game is almost untouched.

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is more than just a nostalgia play. The season is going well, but it’s still been around for a long time with lots of great jokes and clever puzzles. Even if the overall storyline is weak and some jokes don’t hit, the title duo is still a pleasure and improved control makes solving smart puzzles even more fun. This is one of the definitive editions of Telltale’s powerful early efforts. We hope Sam & Max Seasons 2 and 3 will receive similar treatment in the future.

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