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Please vote for the comment. What are the four performers you found most enjoyable or impressed last week? Please feel free to contact us for the reason. Vote for your top performers in and / or in our polls.

There is also the result of last week’s vote, which constitutes the annual competition. Performer of the Year..

This week, we will vote for the Internet Streaming Wrestling Show, which aired nationwide from October 3rd to 9th. Living, Dark: altitude, Powerrr, dark, NXT, dynamite, fusion, NXT UK, Impact, smack down, Rampage, ROH TV, 205 live, NJPW Strong, G1 Climax 31, And something else I’ve forgotten.

But first, let’s look at the results of last week’s polls and how those results changed our competition. Performer of the Year..

  • The new TNT champion surpassed the rankings last week, leading a good week for AEW stars.
  • When you tap the belt collector, the American Dragon ties with a man with a WWE strap in front of a man with a universal strap.
  • The returning boss finished in front of a man with a glock, and Playboy defeated one of the four young pillars of his new company.
  • The pillar was ninth, between a tall young man celebrating his father at the end of the episode and a wedge-driving beast between the chief and his adviser.

CCWR: 2021-22, 25th week

1. Sammy Guevara
2. (Tie) Big E
2. (Tie) Brian Danielson
4. Roman reign
5. Sasha Banks
6. (Tie) Adam Cole
6. (Tie) Arn Anderson
8. -1
9. Jungle Boy
10. Brock Lesnar

Weekly ranking points determine the annual list-rules and scoring details here..

The first place is still locked, but the rest of the top 10 looks significantly different than beforenot at all

CCWR Performer of the Year-until the week until October 2nd

1. Roman Reign-141
2. Cesaro-53
3. Kenny Omega-41
4. Finn Bálor-40.5
5. Brian Danielson-38.5
6. CM Punk-36.5
7. Milo-36.33
8. Adam Cole-31.5
9. Edge-30.5
10. (Tie) Malakai Black-30
10. (Tie) Sasha Banks-30

Are you ready to do it again? You can check “how-to” at any time here Ask questions if needed or in the comments. But don’t be afraid to dive! You give us your ranking, we shape it there.


Which performer had the best week from October 3rd to 9th?

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Sammy Guevara will be rewarded for redeeming TNT titles Sammy Guevara will be rewarded for redeeming TNT titles

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