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Among all the shocking and amazing moments in 2021 wrestling, the highlight is undoubtedly the revival of CM Punk since 2014.

Over the years, Punk has been in the ring with some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but the journey began with a trilogy of matches against ROH’s Samoa Joe.About the latest episode of Kurt angle showJoe attended the show and talked about his return to punk wrestling and why it wasn’t a surprise to him.

“If I know one thing about punk, if he’s working on something, he’s working on it,” Joe said. “I don’t see him around, I see him looking at it, I don’t see him staring at it. It’s out of his life. On the FOX set. The moment I saw him, I think I knew his eyes were back towards it. I think he was just looking for the right place and the right time. He wanted to be happy with it, and I think he’s from what I saw. I gathered that he was, and I’m excited for him, I’m glad he’s back. “

How CM Punk talked as a guest on The Wrap He felt “like garbage” after returning to wrestling.. After returning to Japan, Punk has wrestled with Darby Allin, Powerhouse Hobbs, Daniel Garcia and others. Recently, Matt Saidal..

Joe went back and talked about the games he played with Punk at ROH and how those games made sense for his career. The Samoa submitter mentioned how he and Punk came up with ideas for the match together and how the trilogy led him to another aspect of professional wrestling.

“It’s very important,” Joe said. “For many reasons, both from a career perspective and a business perspective. Personally, it’s an opportunity to explore boundaries that I haven’t actually explored before, playing longer format matches and 60 minutes of matches. Whenever I was with Punk, it was a great creative endeavor. He is a tremendous creative mind and cooperatively great, going back and forth with him It was always easy to come up with something great. It was a special time and a lot of fun. I definitely emphasize it as a very important point in my career. “

Joe, who worked on both Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, talked about the main differences between the legends of both wrestling. How did Joe compare Ingres and Lesnar to predators and face both in his career?

“I liken carts and blocks because carts are efficient cougars and efficient leopards,” Joe said. “Quick Kill, a real slick. I was around a few world class wrestlers in my time, and Kurt still has that amazing drop to hold coming out really fast and really fast out of nowhere. Then in the block, the block is just a rampaging bull. He’s a jaguar note, he runs things straight. If he can’t do the technique, he does. And it’s the cart. And the best way to explain the difference between blocks. You are dealing with predators, just slightly different species. “

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Samoa Joe commented on CM Punk joining AEW Samoa Joe commented on CM Punk joining AEW

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