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Samsung Folding Phone Duo Needs to Learn Some Lessons From Microsoft

Samsung plans to launch its hotly rumored new Galaxy Z Fold 3 When Galaxy Z Flip 3 This week’s phones continue to push to make them foldableNS The actual category that people care about.

I never avoided offering My honest opinion about clamshell mobile phones.. Cliff Note, I don’t like them. Why add a clear design risk to your phone when the only real benefit is a slightly larger display?

This is just one thing Samsung can do to excite the phone, regardless of rumors about a new state-of-the-art folding screen design, a better camera, and general performance improvements. That means we need to get some clues from Microsoft.

I’ve never hidden what I don’t like about folding screens, but that doesn’t mean I’m against the folding screen as a whole.In fact, when it was first announced Surface Neo, NS Surface Duo For two main reasons, I was excited and completely upset.

First, the design makes more sense.

The Surface Duo is an Android smartphone designed by Microsoft that features a foldable design that connects two separate touch screens using a physical hinge. This gives you a form factor similar to the Nintendo DS Handheld or 90’s PDA in schools older than the Galaxy Foldable.

Sure, this doesn’t sound as cool as a folding screen, but in many ways it all offers the same benefits without the addition of inherently fragile and fragile design elements.

please think about it. Being able to multitask on a dedicated screen for each app feels like a much more intuitive system than those announced by competitors.

Next is the game. DS has shown that this form factor works. Displaying the game on one screen and placing the on-screen controller on the other screen is much better than playing on one of Samsung’s folding screens with an odd aspect ratio.

This gives me a second reason: software. Duo’s half-baked component stopped it from being a great phone, but you have to pass it on to Microsoft about what it tried to do with the Duo version of Android.

At launch, the Office suite was ready and optimized for dual-screen design. We’ve also started taking advantage of Xbox Prestige for gamers and added beta support. Game pass Cloud streaming service. It was these touches that made the duo so exciting.

Samsung, on the other hand, was having a hard time running the app correctly in the original Galaxy FoldAtypical screens in both mobile and tablet form factors when first tested by mobile editor Max Park.This was, for many reasons, a factor that prevented it from entering any of us. Best phone guide.

That’s why for me, if Samsung really wants to make the foldable one mainstream, it needs to get clues from Microsoft.

Samsung Folding Phone Duo Needs to Learn Some Lessons From Microsoft Samsung Folding Phone Duo Needs to Learn Some Lessons From Microsoft

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