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Samsung Galaxy S10 redux: Best of Both Worlds

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be 2 years old on March 8th. This means that many are considering upgrading from their device to a more up-to-date S series smartphone It has a faster display, a more powerful processor, and a more flashy camera.up to date Galaxy S21 series It’s a natural upgrade.

But today, I would like to talk about what value this former flagship will bring to the new smartphone market and what it will be worth cash in 2021. This is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Redax.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Background

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rear Camera Module

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

The Galaxy S10 was a significant departure from its predecessor’s design. This was the first Galaxy S-series device with a punchhole display and an in-display fingerprint scanner. Maintained IP68 waterproof and dustproof, 3.5mm headphone port, microSD expansion from Galaxy S9, but added a super wide-angle telephoto camera. Wi-Fi 6 connection, And reverse wireless charging.

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The design of the Galaxy S10 was a striking feature against the competition in 2019. With its thin bezel, curved glass, and gorgeous punchhole display, the Galaxy S10 looked much more premium than its competitors, the Google Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS. Both had a large notch and a relatively overwhelming design.

The sleek design of the Galaxy S10 helped to beat the competition in 2019.

Samsung sold more Galaxy S10 models in the post-launch quarter than its predecessor.according to Counterpoint research, The company sold 16 million S10 series from March to May 2019. This is 12% more than the previous year’s Galaxy S9 series. This makes sense given that the S9 series didn’t do much to set it apart from its predecessor.

The Galaxy S10 Plus was the most popular model in the series. It added a larger 6.4-inch screen and a more substantial 4,000mAh battery. We’ve also added a selfie depth sensor that expands the punchhole, which occupies more display than the standard Galaxy S10.

How does it last?

Home screen Samsung Galaxy S10 Hero Shot

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

The Galaxy S10 doesn’t look very out of place in 2021. It has a glass sandwich layout, punched hole display, and curved edges. However, if you pay close attention to the details, you will notice that there are some important differences between this device and modern devices.

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First, the punch holes Galaxy S21 It is placed in the corner, not in the center. It’s functionally the same, but it doesn’t look as sophisticated as the current implementation, which is less annoying.

It also differs in that it uses glass on the back and curved edges. These are features that Samsung has begun to phase out with sub-premium devices, featuring a polycarbonate rear housing and a flat windshield. A good example is the Galaxy S21, which uses both of these.

Samsung Galaxy S10 focuses on punched holes and curved edges

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

The use of a 6.1-inch quad HD dynamic AMOLED 60Hz display is superior and inferior to Samsung’s latest products. It’s not as smooth as the 120Hz panel used on the Galaxy S21. However, it’s much sharper than the S21’s Full HD panel. Undoubtedly, the overall user experience of the Galaxy S21’s screen is better because the loss of sharpness is barely noticeable and Samsung shipped the S10 in Full HD mode.

Being a slightly older device has several major advantages. This was the last Samsung Galaxy S series with a 3.5mm headphone port. It also has a microSD extension that has been removed for the Galaxy S21 series. This versatility is hard to find in the 2021 flagship, so the Galaxy S10 is a great option for those who value these legacy features.

The Galaxy S10 balances the latest performance with legacy features.

Galaxy S10 performance with 8GB RAM Snapdragon 855 chipset (Or Exynos 9820 in the selected region). I tested some games and switched the most used social media app and the device handled it without any issues. You have 128GB or 512GB of storage, depending on the SKU you choose. This is consistent with the current product, but with the benefits of expandable storage mentioned above.

The Galaxy S10’s battery turned out to be one of the obvious areas of improvement over the last few years. The 3,400mAh cell is relatively small compared to the 4,000mAh unit on the Galaxy S21, so battery life is naturally hit. I’m slightly below the full day’s usage — below average for modern smartphones. Thankfully, the charger is in the box without the Galaxy S21, but the device only charges at 15W instead of the latest generation 25W.

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The Galaxy S10 balances the latest performance with legacy features, making it a fairly unique option in 2021. Superior quality includes stunning display, excellent build quality and design, and stable performance on devices two years ago. ..

How does the camera work?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Triple Camera Close-up

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Smartphone cameras are one of the most talked-about features, so to evaluate the S10, you need to actually test the performance of a total of four cameras. The hardware used here is different from what we saw on the S21, but the focal lengths used are similar, so the general versatility of the camera settings is about the same.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Rear camera 12MP main, f / 1.5-2.4, 26mm, OIS
12MP 2x telephoto, f / 2.4, 52mm, OIS
16MP Ultra Wide, f / 2.2, 12mm

UHD 4K 60fps
FHD 240fps
HD 960fps

Front camera 10MP, f / 1.9, 26mm, autofocus

UHD 4K 60fps

Looking at the sample, the first thing that stands out is the addition of saturation and contrast. This has historically been a major feature of Samsung smartphone camera samples and is no exception here. This is a fairly subjective area, but regardless of taste, the image isn’t really that true because of the over-the-top process.

Another distinguishing feature of the image on the Galaxy S10 is noise. It’s less noticeable in good light, but there’s a lot of noise in images with poor lighting. For example, a photo of a flower whose green has begun to cast a shadow is full of noise. The image of the path in the center of town is the same.

The important thing that stands out to me is how bad the ultra-wide-angle camera is compared to the main unit and telephoto unit. Due to the much worse light acquisition, noise reduction may increase and the image may bleed. The dynamic range is also reduced. Again, it’s not terrible that many phone makers are getting better over time, but it’s camera consistency.

The quality of selfies varies greatly depending on the lighting conditions. With proper lighting, there are a lot of details across the board. This camera can capture accurate skin tones and ample dynamic range. However, if you step into a slightly suboptimal light, the noise will be significantly reduced and the details will be significantly reduced. It’s not a terrible selfie camera, but it’s far from the great Galaxy S21 selfie camera.

The Galaxy S10’s camera setup shows the era in detail. It is still available in 2021 and in great light it can shine. However, it is suitable for modern products because it reduces performance in more difficult environments.

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2021 Samsung Galaxy S10: Verdict

Display Samsung Galaxy S10 Top

credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is still a capable phone in 2021. Samsung did a great job of keeping the phone fresh with software updates, and I admire them for doing so. Balance the welcomed legacy features with the latest performance. At around $ 400 in the US and £ 300 in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is still an attractive purchase in the refurbishment or second-hand market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 redux: Best of Both Worlds

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