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Samsung Galaxy S21 may get Android 12 in December

NS Samsung Galaxy S21 Family can be set to get Android 12 According to a fresh report, it will be updated in December of this year.

When it comes to updating to the latest version of Android, Samsung has nothing to do with normal speed. But with Google’s new Android 12, you can turn around surprisingly quickly.

Tizenhelp South Korea’s Galaxy S community moderator reports that it has confirmed that the final version of One UI 4.0 will be rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S21 model in December.

One UI is Samsung’s custom Android UI, version 3.0 runs on Android 11. However, version 4.0 runs on Android 12.

The relevant machine translation quote says: “Currently, the Galaxy S21 is also under development for Android 12 (One UI 4) version, and it is difficult to give a definite answer because the situation is changing. We are actively working with KT operators, It may be possible by December at the latest. “

It should be emphasized that this is a rough machine translation, but the phrase “at the latest” is interesting. Is it possible to see Android 12 on Samsung devices before December?

In any case, it’s worth pointing out that this confirmation is intended for Samsung’s home country, South Korea. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Galaxy S21 owners in other parts of the world will get Android 12 by the end of the year.

However, as the report points out, One UI 3.0 has spread to Samsung Galaxy S20 users in the US at about the same time as Korean users, so a wide range of Android 12 deployments is certainly possible.

Samsung Galaxy S21 may get Android 12 in December Samsung Galaxy S21 may get Android 12 in December

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