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Samsung Galaxy S21FE Launches Las Vegas CES 2022

Samsung may be planning to unveil the hotly rumored Galaxy S21FE at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early next year, according to fresh rumors.

NS Samsung Galaxy S21FE Rumored, stripped, cheaper version Galaxy S21 People were originally scheduled to arrive this year.However, according to sources from, despite the constant reports and “leakage” suggesting its imminent arrival. Sam Mobile, Actually debuts in January 2022.

The next CES will be held from January 5th to 8th and will be held in Las Vegas as usual.

Older reports and rumors suggest that the release date will be January, but a little later, many forecasts refer to the 11th. This isn’t exactly in line with these rumors, but just missing the mark in a few days suggests that January is very likely the month to eventually meet the Galaxy S21FE.

But Samsung didn’t announce a new smartphone at CES a few years ago. Recent CES shows don’t focus too much on phones and tablets, as most companies wait until they launch new phones and tablets at Mobile World Congress in February / March.

As a result, the Galaxy S21 FE is likely to be less competitive, so you should expect a fair amount of CES coverage by considering this long-awaited smartphone.

The Galaxy S21 FE – also known as the Fan Edition – is actually a midrange follow-up. Galaxy S21 And already the official successor Galaxy S20 FE..

It’s also important to note that this is all speculation and Samsung itself doesn’t really mention when the Galaxy S21 FE will be released. So for now, take all these leaks with just a little salt.

That said, keep an eye out for credible reviews as it will be updated second when the Galaxy S21 FE is officially launched.

Samsung Galaxy S21FE Launches Las Vegas CES 2022 Samsung Galaxy S21FE Launches Las Vegas CES 2022

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