Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor costs only $ 250

I don’t know you, but when you hear the word Odyssey, you expect something magnificent, mythical, or literally homeric. Samsung’s monitor line certainly includes models that meet the bill, such as the silop-style Odyssey G9. Sadly, such an excess is not always practical. Your desk isn’t just big enough, or for some reason you just don’t have a sitting ground to spend on the monitor. Nevertheless, you still want to have a little odyssey as a treat. Odysset, maybe? What I have just discovered is the real word, not the compensation for the bad gag. Well, don’t worry, Chums, I’m here with a much easier Samsung Odyssey G5 deal, just in case you’re feeling a little epic.

This is a US-only transaction. Excuse me, Ameri-chums can get the G5 directly from Samsung for $ 250. This is $ 130 off the regular asking price.

This monitor may be at the lesser Hercules end of the Odyssey range, but it’s still a big 27-inch young man. QHD resolution, or 1440p or 2560×1440 for those who like numbers, means that you can maintain good pixel density at that size without the need for 4K gigantic graphic growls. The big selling point is the fairly tight 1000R curvature. This probably matches the contours of the human eye and provides a viewing experience with minimal burden.

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