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Samsung reportedly cuts smartphone production by 30M – TechCrunch

Everything isn’t working in the smartphone world. Long before the SARS-CoV-2 came out, the industry was slowing down. The glorious days of market expansion and twice-yearly upgrades seem to be over, and two years of financial hardship and supply chain constraints have made things worse.

For all these reasons, it’s not surprising that manufacturers are withdrawing production. A New report from Korean Maeil Dairies News The world’s leading smartphone maker will reduce production by 30 million units in 2022. News arrives as the conflict in Ukraine further hampers sales. In March, the company followed tech giants Microsoft and Apple. Stop selling in Russia..

Apple is also in pain. Recent Bloomberg Report iPhone makers have said they are curbing plans to build another 20 million phones in 2022. Instead, the numbers are reported to be flat from 2021. However, even with the iPhone 14 coming soon, the company may return to Earth.

We arrived at this place in the worst of industry and global factors. It’s not a time of panic for large manufacturers. They will almost certainly be unharmed and get out of the depression. However, broader questions remain about the future industry. Most importantly, whether this is the calm following a decade of explosive smartphone sales, or even the advent of new technologies such as foldable screens, will begin a return to the golden age of mobile.

Samsung refused to comment on the report.

Samsung reportedly cuts smartphone production by 30M – TechCrunch Samsung reportedly cuts smartphone production by 30M – TechCrunch

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