Samsung reveals new 110-inch TV

If you’ve just upgraded to a PS5 or Xbox Series X, you may be looking for a new luxury TV to support it. Sure, Samsung’s new 110-inch MicroLED TV is probably out of the price range of most people’s new TVs, but it’s still worth a look.

Samsung’s new MicroLED is driving the realization of a giant 110-inch TV, with most consumer-model TVs reaching up to about 85 inches. The new model is one of Samsung’s small applications of MicroLED TV technology, a system that has been used primarily for industrial purposes until recently. This technology was first seen in consumer products using Samsung’s Wall, a huge 292-inch screen made of modular panels that require professional installation.

The new TV is a miniaturized version of the wall, boasting the same LED technology in a smaller package and, more importantly, ready to use out of the box without complicated installation. The 110-inch MicroLED is a 4K HDR screen that integrates AI software to improve image quality. In addition, the ratio of screen to main unit is 99.99%, which is one step further in the ongoing TV bezel war.

Gamers yelled in a TV press release, and Samsung wants to take advantage of the TV’s ability to act as a four-split 55-inch screen to “stream walkthroughs while playing video games.”

The only downside is the price-a 110-inch TV will bring you back a whopping $ 156,000. The new MicroLED system may be the future of TV technology, but so far it is well above the average consumer budget.

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