Samsung’s 240Hz Odyssey G7 monitor is back for another spectacular Black Friday deal

The Samsung Odyssey G7 was one of the outstanding Prime Day deals in the UK last month, but this incredible 2560×1440, 240Hz game screen is back for the goodness of Black Friday trading. It was. Today, the 27-inch model weighs only £ 430 and the larger 32-inch siblings weigh £ 500. If you’re looking for the best Black Friday game monitor deal, don’t miss the £ 120 and £ 130 savings per piece. Year.

Simply put, both of these are pretty good prices for 240Hz, 1440p monitors, especially if they match previous Prime Day lows. A 1440p monitor rarely shows a 240Hz refresh rate. Until recently, if you wanted to play games at up to 240fps, you had to settle for a resolution of 1920×1080. 240Hz, 1440p monitors are starting to hit the shelves, but they’re still scarce and much more expensive.

Sure, you’ll need a graphics card to hit 240Hz at 2560×1440 in a high quality setting, but if you want to buy a monitor with plenty of room for growth, this is definitely your job screen. .. Even better, thanks to the VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification, the curved VA panel is also bright enough to provide a decent HDR experience. And if that’s not enough, it’s also one of Nvidia’s officially certified G-Sync compatible monitors.

The ultra-wide Samsung Odyssey G9 also set a new Black Friday record, saving £ 200 on this huge 49-inch, 5120×1440, 32: 9 display. It’s typically £ 1280, and you can buy the Samsung CRG9’s stunning successor to the 240Hz for £ 1080. To be honest, I’m half tempted.

Like the Odyssey G7, playing games at 240Hz at a resolution of 5120×1440 requires a very powerful graphics card. We recommend that you use at least the RTX 2070 Super or the RTX 2080 Super. .. Still, the game certainly looks pretty at 32: 9. And you can see exactly what treats are available for you on my list of the best ultra-wide PC games.

Again, if you’re not bothered by its 240Hz refresh rate, we’ll let you know that the CRG9 mentioned above is also currently available on Amazon UK for a more attractive £ 888 (down from £). .. 1100), or £ 899 from Currys PC World if you need additional options. If you have space for it, it’s a great luxury monitor. Otherwise, I would jump on one of those Odyssey G7s before they disappear.

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Samsung’s 240Hz Odyssey G7 monitor returns for another epic Black Friday deal

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