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Santa Clara, CA- San Francisco 49ers Cornerback Josh Norman After spending the night in the hospital suffering from an injured lung early in the match on Sunday, he returned to the team. Green Bay Packers..

Norman’s injury occurred at the beginning of the second quarter when he brought his helmet to his chest. According to Kyle Shanahan, he spit blood and further examination revealed that his lungs were hydrated.

Upon leaving the hospital, Norman returned to the team and attended the meeting on Monday afternoon. Shanahan, Norman is considered on a daily basis, this week Seattle SeahawksSuppose he passed the required tests.

“It’s possible (he can play this week),” Shanahan said. “That way he has to clear some images and have to pass a CT scan and go back to practice. I’ve heard that it takes somewhere from a day to a week. We will just have to keep an eye on it every day as the week progresses, as it is possible. “

With 10:48 remaining in the second quarter, Norman worked on the Packers running back. Aaron JonesThe San Francisco 49ers won the 49ers downstop in their next play, causing an out-of-bound fumble in San Francisco.

“I think my back put his helmet on my chest and took him to a sensitive place,” Shanahan said.

Shortly thereafter, Norman was seen entering the blue medical tent of the Nainers bystander. He walked to the changing room before half-time.

Norman did not return to the game. He played 30 snaps against Green Bay and was credited with tackles and forced fumbles. Norman has made his first start with the 49ers since signing on September 6th. Emmanuel Moseley..

Norman wasn’t the only 49ers injured in the cornerback on Sunday night. According to Shanahan, Nickel Cornerback’s Kwaun Williams will put a strain on his calves and miss “weeks”.

The loss of Norman and Williams forced the Nainers to juggle some healthy cornerbacks against the Packers quarterbacks on Sunday. Aaron Rogers.. Donty Johnson Replaced Norman with Rookie Deommodore Lenoir Filled out for Williams before Johnson suffered a shoulder puncture wound pushing Renoir outward. Johnson was able to return to the game, but the Forty-niners didn’t have any other healthy corners active after Moseley, Renoir, and Johnson.

Rogers finished two touchdowns at 23 yards out of 33 yards with 261 yards, and the Nainers were required three defensive pass interference penalties at 81 yards, two of which opposed Moseley and Renoir in the corner.With 37 seconds remaining, Rogers completed two passes to the receiver. Davante Adams Scored a field goal to win the game at 42 yards against the Forty-niners depleted secondary.Norman and Williams injuries come after starter Jason Bellett Lost in the first week season against Detroit Lions The right ACL is corrupted.

Currently, the only healthy corners on the roster are Moseley (just returning from his own knee injury), Renoir, and a veteran. Dray Kirk Patrick (Just signed on September 14th) and newcomers Ambrey Thomas.. Kirk Patrick and Thomas were inactive before the match against the Packers.

Shanahan has one of the possibilities in the company Davonter HarrisAfter missing the first three weeks of the injured list due to hamstring issues, he will return to practice on Wednesday.

We will discuss possible external additions within 24 hours.

“Everyone we are on the roster must be comfortable,” Shanahan said. “Whether it’s a running back or a corner, it’s the next man.”

In news of other 49ers injuries, Shanahan said the tight end George Kittle I’m dealing with calf pain and it’s going to be every day this week as well.

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San Francisco 49ers CB Josh Norman was released from the hospital after suffering a lung bruise San Francisco 49ers CB Josh Norman was released from the hospital after suffering a lung bruise

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