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Santa Clara, CA-whether you want to make changes in quarterbacks San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan has no choice but to rely on third stringers CJ Bethard For the match on Saturday Arizona Cardinals..

This is because Vesard is the only healthy quarterback in the active roster.Desperate for quarterbacks to back him up, 49ers have signed Josh Rosen off Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘Practice teams and sources tell ESPN’s Adam Chefter and Field Yates.

Beathard’s return to the starting lineup was almost a year after his brother Clayton was stabbed and died outside a bar in Nashville, Tennessee.

“”To experience what he did last year And I know it was a big challenge for him to enter the quarantine and enter the season, “Shanahan said. “And he’s excited to get a chance this week. I respect CJ more than anyone I’ve ever been with as a person and as a player, and it’s fun to work with him this week. Probably. “

Shanahan said that quarterback on Tuesday Nick Morens Tommy John may need surgery and is dealing with a right elbow injury that could cost him in the last two games of the season. The team’s doctors are waiting for the swelling of Malins’ elbows to go down before deciding on the severity of the injury and the surgery required.

Complicating the matter was Tuesday news practicing the team’s quarterback. Josh Johnson It was listed on the Reserve / COVID-19 list, along with sources telling us that ESPN’s Adam Schefter tested positive for the virus. That is, he cannot be activated in time for Saturday’s match.

And while the Nainers open a 21-day practice window for the starter Jimmy Garoppolo Garoppolo is unlikely to play in either of the last two games to return from the high ankle sprain that landed him on the injured list.

“For now, he can safely go out to practice. Today he only has a walkthrough, but it would be fun to throw the ball a bit,” Shanahan said. “But this week will be very safe with him. I will meet next week and I will be very surprised if that changes.”

The NFL’s COVID-19 protocol requires a six-day test period before a player can be activated, so Niners cannot sign a quarterback on the street and have only the option to sign another quarterback. Team practice team.

Rosen was robbed by the 10th overall Cardinals in the 2018 draft Miami Dolphins 2019 selected by Arizona Kyler Murray 1st overall. The dolphin released Rosen in September, who was later signed by Bucks for their practice team.

Rosen made 16 career starts, played 20 regular season games in total, and threw 2,845 yards with 12 touchdowns and 19 intercepts, completing 54.8% of the passes.

Elsewhere on the front lines of injury, the 49ers are once again dealing with the illness rash.Run back Raheem Mostert He hasn’t played for the last two weeks as he has dealt with the exacerbation of ankle sprains that has plagued most of the second half of the season.

Cornerback Richard Sherman According to Shanahan, calf pain is being dealt with again and is considered on a daily basis.Free safety Jimmy Ward (Concussion Protocol) and Defensive Harness Jabon Kinro (Knees) were also among those who were not expected to practice on Tuesday.receiver Devo Samuel Hamstring injuries excluded the rest of the season.

Tight end George KittleOn the other hand, there is a chance to return to the Cardinal. Kittle has been out for a broken leg since November 1st and opened a practice window last week.

Shanahan said on Tuesday that Kittle “had a chance this week” and said he would face him if Kittle finished the week without any problems. Shanahan was asked why Kittle would play despite the exclusion of the Nainers from the post-season conflict, saying it was a matter of fairness to the locker room.

“Obviously, I don’t want to hurt George or do anything like that, so we’ll be overly cautious about it, and that’s why we’ve done that,” Shanahan said. .. “But if someone is 100% healthy, you can’t say that you have to look into the eyes of the other members of the team and play, but George doesn’t. It builds the team and makes people right. It’s part of how to handle it. “

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San Francisco 49ers sign Josh Rosen to back up CJ Beathard, sources say San Francisco 49ers sign Josh Rosen to back up CJ Beathard, sources say

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