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The San Jose Sharks Announced the hiring of their new general manager. The announcement shortly after the team released the responsibilities of head coach Bob Buffner and the rest of the coach staff was shortly before the 2022 draft of the NHL. This is a historic move, with sharks becoming the first black general manager in league history.

So why do you cover the adoption of San Jose Sharks GM? Miami Dolphins Website?

The new GM is Mike Grier, the younger brother of dolphin GM Chris Grier. The old Glia took on the role of dolphin GM in 2016 and was previously the director of the team’s College Scouts, National Scouts, and Area Scouts.He also worked for New England Patriots From 1994 to 1999, he started as an intern and worked as a local scout.

Mike Chicago Blackhawks As a scout New jersey devils As an assistant coach, and New York Rangers As a hockey management advisor.Before working in the front office, Glia Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, Buffalo Sabers, And sharks. He retired from the NHL in December 2011 and played in 1060 games as a right wing.

Congratulations to Mike Grier for moving to the role of shark GM. It’s very cool to have siblings at the top of the front offices of major sports franchises, and that it’s done in two completely different sports.

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The dolphin issued a statement from Chris Greer that his brother was hired as a shark GM.

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San Jose Sharks Appointed Mike Grier’s General Manager San Jose Sharks Appointed Mike Grier’s General Manager

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