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Last night, Phoenix Suns put an end to the exhausted “NBA’s best team” debate, at least for the foreseeable future. Despite the early loss of Devin Booker, who was sent off due to a hamstring injury, Sands showed off some serious gravel. This is the kind you need to open up a victory with the golden boys in the desert.

The Warriors, who boast the league’s best record and are followed by the media like a parade, set foot in the Footprint Center tonight in a high and powerful mood. For some time, Sands enjoyed the upcoming 16-game streak, promoting the contest as a box office attraction.

Despite their final defeat efforts, the Warriors backed up their hype to start the case and led primarily throughout the first half. Jordan poole He entered half-time with 18 points, shooting 6-9 from the field, giving another powerful example to support his Sixman of the Year candidacy.

Sands, on the other hand, appeared to be treading water without a booker, but helped close the second period on a 15-6 run and secure a two-point lead on the break. Both teams then exchanged buckets, and until around 5 minutes in the fourth quarter, Phoenix sniffed blood in the water and attacked accordingly.

Locking down the defense many times, with a few bombs from Jae Crowder next to him, Sands began to take the lead while the clock was ticking.Phoenix continued to cover the MVP-front runner Stephen CurryEventually drives him to the worst shooting night of his career.

However, Laundry Chamet, who struggled all night for Booker, struck his last dagger into the heart of the Golden State and sank the triple in less than a minute. As his shot ran through the net, the arena burned and extended Phoenix’s lead to double digits.

The flashing zeros on the scoreboard also reflect Sands’ 104-96 win, giving way to a record streak and anointing the new NBA leader.

Eighton probably deserves to praise tonight’s victory more than anyone else. When he bullied a small team in the Golden State from start to finish, he finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds and 2 block shots.

Mikal Bridges, even after an aggressively tough night Shined in defensive end, Repeatedly curry, or annoying someone else about that he happened to switch. Cameron Johnson carried the team during the stretch, adding 14 points while traveling 3-7 from downtown.

But no matter how Sands got there, the newly claimed real estate as the league’s top team can’t help but feel satisfied.their 1-3 season start The NBA Finals, which have been going on for a year, feel like it happened yesterday, but it feels like a distant memory.

Booker’s hamstrings are a difficult drug to swallow in this absolute victorious feast.Sands can only wait to see what he looks like tomorrow, it’s Williams relayed As the next opportunity to provide updates.

But this night definitely deserves to be classified as a “good” night. Especially when it comes to how Sands knocked out the league’s best team this year, even without superstars.

The next victim of Phoenix comes from outside the east of the Detroit Pistons. Currently sitting at 4-17, they represent a much more intimidating hurdle to jump over, and if Sands does, they will break the franchise’s previous streak.

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Sands loses Devin Booker and pulls off the biggest win of the season vs. the Warriors Sands loses Devin Booker and pulls off the biggest win of the season vs. the Warriors

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