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In Episode 28 of the Sun Valley Podcast, guest Kevin Zimmerman will join in to talk about a one-seed race, Cam Johnson’s shooting slump, and “Star Wars: Bad Batch.”

Welcome to another episode of the Valley Boyz and Girlz, Valley of the Suns podcasts!

In episode 28 Host Gerald Burger Kevin Zimmerman is participating Arizona Sports Discuss the latest information with Phoenix Suns, including one-seeded races, poor Cameron Johnson shots, playoff concerns, and the latest Disney + offerings. Star Wars: Bad Batch..

To start the show, Burge and Zimmerman look at the rest of the team’s schedule, Sands’ chance to steal one seed from Utah Jazz, and what the first and second rounds will be, depending on Phoenix. Find out. In a place where everyone lands.

Next, Cam Johnson’s ongoing slump in shooting is a concern, and the duo discusses how snipers can get out of recent funk. The conversation leads to other potential sources of concern towards Sands’ first postseason for the first time in 11 years, including recent volatile bench play.

Finally, in the latest G-rated segment, the two jump into the familiar yet different premiere of the premiere. Star Wars: Bad Batch And what do you expect from this new series in the future?

Sands fans can check out the podcasts or YouTube videos below.

The breakdown of Episode 28 is as follows.

  • 1 seed race (1:35)
  • Cameron Johnson’s poor shooting (8:30)
  • Other Playoff Concerns at Sands (14:20)
  • Grated: Star Wars: Bad Batch (22:00)

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Sands Podcast: Cam Johnson’s Slump and “Star Wars: Bad Batch” Sands Podcast: Cam Johnson’s Slump and “Star Wars: Bad Batch”

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