Sannabi: The Revenant demo has a nice grappling hook

I love good grappling hooks. Sannabi: The Revenant is an action platformer that uses grappling hooks to wield levels and skewered enemies. It’s a bit like Katana Zero, and there will be a demo next week.

The demo will be available via Steam from today to March 18th. I’ve played it and that’s a good thing. It starts with a tutorial that explains the basics: you can climb specific surfaces, jump walls, and use your fighting to swing and boost. In combat, fighting rushes towards the enemy and kills them instantly, but you can freeze the time and choose the direction of your next move.

Katana Zero is another kind of action platformer with different rhythms, but I think the comparison is appropriate. Sannabi is also in a light cyberpunk setting, participating primarily in corporate-controlled metropolises. A similarly dark story was partly told via flashbacks and a sequence of diagonal dreams. And most important is the text box where the words sway.

Both also feature gorgeous and detailed pixel art animations. The game was developed by a five-person studio called Wonder Potion, their first game, but recently published by Neowiz, who appears to have published many gorgeous pixel art games. They released Skul: The Hero Slayer in January.

I played the Sannabi demo and enjoyed it for 30 minutes. At that point, I started dying further, and it seemed that one in three deaths brought me back to the beginning of the level. It may be too strict for me, but I’m looking forward to seeing more-although there is no currently announced release date.

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