Santa is a canon in the world of Marvel and DC Comics — here’s the proof

Every December, heroes and heroines in the world of superheroes are drawn into an extraordinary seasonal experience that harnesses the power of their goodwill and cheers as much as their psychic powers. Jolly Old St. Nick himself, the problem with the page before Santa Claus appeared is to remind everyone to think good ideas if they want a happy morning on December 25th.

You don’t want to know Pretty How many Eurtide stories are there in my comic collection? Still, despite its overwhelming number, some have the opinion that such stories are not really counted. People firmly believe that in the minds of two sizes too small, the person who teams up with Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or Santa Claus isn’t really orthodox. There is only one thing to say to those people accordingly: Hanbug!

Santa is a canon. And I can prove it.

Image: Jerry Siegel, Jack Burnley / DC Comics

Santa’s Big Two Comic career actually began in DC in the 1940s. Superman Christmas Adventure.. The one-shot team has teamed up with Man of Steel and Man With the Big White Beard against the wonderful names Dr. Grouch and Mr. Meaney, whose names were clearly personally inspired by Ebeneza Scrooge. Christmas adventure Written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel in Jack Burnley’s art, a frame that follows quite a few stories without the beautiful purple prose that Siegel provides to lucky readers. You can create a work.

“Eurtide! An era of men’s glitz and goodwill! It seems unlikely that anyone will be so mean as to interfere with such a beloved event, but the pessimistic hitman Dr. Gruch does just that. I’m planning to do that. “And that’s only half of the first caption.

Image: Robert Lauren Fleming, Keith Giffen / DC Comics

Over the next 80 years, Santa has appeared in various DC Comics. Sgt.rock And Specter..He teamed up with Superman again DC Comics Presents (The story is wonderfully titled “It was a pre-Christmas horror!”).He was given a severe 1980s makeover in the 1985s Ambush Bug Stocking Staff (Photo).Perhaps the most exciting, he appeared in the 1991s Robo Paramilitary Christmas Special, He fought his own eponymous Mainman after being hired to assassinate Santa by the jealous Easter Bunny (it’s all seasonally generous in Keith Giffen, Allangland and Simon Bisley). Made with a lack of restraint).

Perhaps the most obvious cartoon that confirms Santa’s legitimacy in modern DCUs is from 2001. JLA # 60, “Merry Christmas, Justice League — Die now!! .. This book was honestly the title of DC’s biggest superhero at the time, and what was considered “real” by DCU. Most of the problem consists of a story about Plastic Man telling a kid about a fictitious team-up between Santa and JLA, but Coda features what he just saw and a real Santa laughing. And: Santa is definitely the real DCU.

Image: Mark Wade, Cliffrasburn / DC Comics

When it comes to the Marvel Universe, the discussion is even easier. Lacking a significant restart of its long history, all previously published stories of Marvel featuring the Crisk Ringle are part of Marvel’s Canon.It includes 1991 Marvel Holiday Special The X-Men found Santa Claus to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Short — Jonathan Hickman, the ball on your court.And 2016 Luke Cage & Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas # 1, Santa appeared in a flashback and kept the devil Krampus away years before Luke Cage and Danny Land did the same gig.But Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man # 112, a one-off issue since 1985 that Santa appears to be ashamed of a thief in Santa’s costume, is part of the official history of the Marvel Universe.

Image: David Walker, Scott Hepburn / Marvel Comics

Certainly, there are some stories that Kanoni City is suspicious. 1992 short story Marvel Age Remember that Captain America rescued Santa from the Nazis during World War II, # 109 may or may not be part of official Marvel history. Not because of Santa’s involvement, but because it was one of the generally discontinuous humor strips, for example by cartoonist Fred Henbeck. (But it’s still a great idea.) Anyway, given the evidence at hand, Santa’s location in Marvel’s Canon is pretty safe.

It’s so well-established in the Marvel Universe that, in fact, he appears in non-Christmas comics. 1988s Sensational She-Hulk # 8 answers the question of what Santa does when he doesn’t deliver toys around the world each year. He is the greatest detective in the world and is known by the name Nick St. Christopher.As he explains well, “I always know[s] Who was mischief… and Good…”(“can not wait To see how they write this [The Official Handbook to the] Marvel UniverseAt the end of the story, She-Hulk, who breaks the Fourth Wall, comments. )

Mrs. Klaus dresses She-Hulk when she takes Santa out of the office.

Image: John Burn / Marvel Comics

The regret of all the Super Grinchs out there is that the tradition of including Santa Claus in Marvel and DC Comics is far from the past. 2018 issue dead Pool I put Merck in my mouth after Santa Claus and made it exactly the same story as DC robot Special from a quarter of a century ago — but this time it was the dissatisfied kids who wanted to put Santa’s cheerful head on the plate — and last year Targeted night One shot from DC came from Ni’Klaus of Myra, a powerful wizard who was literally Santa using yet another name. Both of them have a standard look to which it should be added.

As long as there are Marvel Comics and DC Comics, not to mention the holiday season, it may seem natural given the situation, but Santa Claus will continue to appear in both universes on an irregular basis and continue to spread well. It seems to be guaranteed. Superhero comics truly convey to the cheers and reminders that they are full of ridiculous, unrealistic characters created to bring smiles to children’s faces. So for those who have problems, there is a lump of coal with your name on it.

Happy holidays, or other.

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