Santa’s Christmas Adventure Guide-How to Save Christmas

Santa’s Christmas Adventure is a sliding tile puzzle game. When it comes to gameplay, it’s like a video game version of a small plastic puzzle where you need to rearrange the tiles to create an image.

Except that the stakes are very high. You’re not just painting on Santa’s Christmas adventures. You are saving Christmas. There is no pressure!

Although it may look like a simple sock, Santa’s Christmas Adventure is a large puzzle game with 720 levels to solve, each divided into three modes of 240 stages.

This guide gives you a basic overview of each mode. I can’t help you solve the puzzle yourself. Only the pulsating human brain can do that, but you can understand how each mode works.

Gift mode

In gift mode, you have two goals. The main goal is to help Santa reach the exit. The secondary goal is to collect gifts.

You’ll see a grid of tiles and some free space so there’s a place to slide. Most of these tiles have a path section. These sections can be rotated 90 degrees horizontally, vertically, or in any direction.

To allow Santa to move freely from the starting point to the checkered flag, these tiles must be placed to provide a continuous path for Santa to follow. The challenge is that there is limited room to maneuver. Unless you slide the tiles in the correct order, you will tie them with a knot.

Still, with enough experimentation, you can eventually find a way to build a viable path, but it’s not always the best path. This is where gifts come in.

Each stage contains 3 gifts sitting on 3 tiles. To ace the stage, you need to not only create a path, but also create a path using three tiles with gifts. This is much easier than doing it at some levels.

Once you have collected 100 gifts, unlock them …

Classic mode

Classic mode gameplay is similar to gift mode gameplay. In fact, at first glance it looks simpler because there are no gifts to incorporate into your path. But that’s because you’re judged by even stricter standards.

Each stage in classic mode is given a target number of moves. This almost eliminates the experiment, and instead it is advisable to solve the puzzle in your head before moving.

You can finish the stage even if you exceed the target number of moves, but you will get less gifts. And you will of course be embarrassed.

Move mode

Move mode is the most novel feature of the game. In Classic and Gift modes, Santa will not leave for the finish line until the pass has been created. In move mode, he departs as soon as there is a pastile in front of him. Even if it doesn’t lead anywhere, or even if it’s straight into the ice water.

In other words, move mode is the only mode that can kill Santa. Just think about it.

To avoid this catastrophe, you need to slide the tiles while Santa marches vigorously towards danger. In some cases, it may be necessary to move the actual tile that Santa is walking on. It may also be necessary for Santa to take a tile that has already passed and use it to create a section of his forward path.

It’s tough, but fortunately, the game has 10 tips that you can use in all three modes. These will play over time, so if you run out, just wait for a while.


Since this is the subject of gameplay, here are some controls. In all three modes, the default control method is to select the tile with the cursor, tap A, and then use the L stick or control pad to move the tile horizontally or vertically.

However, there is a second control method that allows you to tilt the console or controller to move the cursor. I wouldn’t recommend this method, but it’s okay to have a little more variety.

that’s all. With this simple guide, you should be able to get Santa back on the sleigh in no time.

Click here to check out the game now. Cheeks!

Santa’s Xmas Adventure Guide – How to Save Christmas

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