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Palmeiras It was the first Brazilian club to reach the final of Copa Libertadores in South America, Santos It was the first Brazilian to win it. On Saturday, they will meet in the 61st final, performed in front of fans at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Palmeiras is aiming for a second title. Santos aims to win the trophy for the first time in Brazil. This will be an extraordinary achievement from a truly remarkable club.

Palmeiras, a historic team of Italian immigrants, is one of the three largest cities in South America and one of the largest cities in the world, from the vast metropolis of São Paulo. Santos is a much smaller harbor nearby, an hour down the hill when traffic is light. It is a city with a population of less than 500,000. Still, Santos outperforms Corinthians, Palmeiras and São Paulo.It’s as if Brighton is consistently doing better in the Premier League Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur And West Ham United..

Of course, much of this has to do with Pele, but he didn’t do it alone. 1956, Brazil Legend joined the club that had just won the Sao Paulista State Championship for the second time. He was surrounded by great players from the beginning, and more players came to play with him throughout the 1960s. Throughout the decade, Santos had a clear claim that he was considered the best clubside in the world.They defeated the European champion Benfica And AC Milan After winning Libertadadores in 1962 and 1963. They were short on the next two campaigns and abandoned the competition for obvious reasons.

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Libertadores was in a financial crisis for several days before being granted television rights. There was little income and many expensive trips. To pay for Pele and his spectacular support cast, Santos did something economically rational. On a break from competitive football in Brazil, they traveled the world in search of lucrative friendships. And they were consistently the best team in Brazil at the time when they were able to retain the great football players that Brazil had created.

After Pele, Santos inevitably retreated a little. However, they became prominent again in the 21st century, and Libertadores has played a major role in the re-emergence of the club that was established on the day the Titanic collapsed.

Santos has become a youth development specialist, and the South American Champions League has allowed the club’s mysterious children to gain experience and shop windows across generations.

In 2002, the surprisingly young side, led by Diego, Robinho Elano won the Brazilian Championship and advanced to the final of Libertadores the following year.The· Neymar Generations claimed title number 3 in 2011, and seven years later they unleashed Rodrigo, Now and real Madrid..

In the current campaign, they went with the youth again. They had no choice because Santos broke. The club president has recently been impeached. The unpaid transfer fee meant that FIFA banned them from signing new players.

Fortunately, there was a headache here as well, but he can count on a great centerback partnership. Luang Perez is rented from Bruges, Belgium. The loan was due to end at the end of 2020 and had to be urgently renegotiated. And the talented Lucas Veríssimo was promised to move abroad and rarely appeared in the semi-finals. Eventually an agreement was reached and he will join Benfica next week.

In advance, teenage center forward Kaio Jorge is a revelation, thrown deep and working with intelligence and diversity that guarantees a comparison with Liverpool. Roberto Firmino..Kaio Jorge can work in the penalty area with five goals, the team’s top scorer in the campaign, but he can also drop deeply to mark a pass on the wing or slip through a pass. You can-Marinho on the right cuts to unleash his fierce left foot shot, and a little Venezuela Jefferson Soterd On the left side is a fascinating dribble skill. Soteldo can also play a more central role, with hard-running Lucas Braga taking charge of the sides.

But here Cuca made the decision. No one expected Santos to reach this point, but in the process, he gained confidence and momentum.

They started with a series of victories, but they all fought hard and achieved a single goal. They won only twice with a wider margin-against a big gun at the end of the business. In the quarter-final home leg, he defeated Gremio 4-1 and Boca Juniors 3-0 in the next round. In both cases, Midfield actively put pressure on his forefoot, marking the forefoot and winning the ball to move forward.

But is it possible on Saturday? The previous round was in the evening. The final will start at 5 pm. According to the original schedule, the game was scheduled to be performed in the spring of late November. Instead, it’s now in midsummer. The first half can be played in the relentless sunshine.

Can Santos push in such a situation? They run the risk of leaving them open to Palmeiras counterattack experts. Is it wise to go in the more cautious midfield? Not only because of the heat, but also because the calendar, which is influenced by the pandemic, is packed with so many games.

Indeed, Palmeiras played more games. This will be the 55th time since late July. However, Palmeiras has a much deeper team, which makes it easy to rotate options. Santos needs another surge of heroes from a group of players who carried them to unexpected heights.

They can get inspiration from the venue. Maracanã in Rio is Brazil’s closest to the National Stadium. And during Pele’s heyday, Santos was so popular that Maracana became his second home. It was the place where he played against Boca Juniors in the home leg of the 1963 Libertadores final and was also the setting for the intercontinental match between Benfica and Milan. Santos has won all of those games-and will be a romantic choice to do it again against Palmeiras on Saturday.

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Santos once again puts his trust in the youth ahead of the Copa Libertadores final Santos once again puts his trust in the youth ahead of the Copa Libertadores final

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