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Disqualification comes on the waves, and Cage Warriors Fighting Championship It is the latest organization that saw one in the title battle.In CW 121 Main event, Agy Sardari
Notched his first title defense at the expense of (14-2) Dono Bandesme (14-7) With a razor-close to a lightweight incident. Sardari and Desme fought impressive battles in all five rounds, showing off impressive boxing and kickboxing as they traveled back and forth. For most of the match, Desme held the center of the cage and advanced with kicks and punches. The champion waited for the right time to attack and scored with punches and low kicks to annoy “Vegas”. During the first 15 minutes, there was little fighting exchange, and each time it was tied to the fence, it separated sooner or later.

“Wolverine” dominated the battle in the championship round. Sardari’s kick left a mark on Desme, and as the champion continued to land at will, Desme began to get tired. Sardari confused the attack in the final round, deciding a takedown for the fifth time and holding down the opponent for a while. In the end, Judges Ben Cartridge and John Hand won 48-47 in Saldari, and Judge David Resabi won 48-47 in Desme, giving the champion a split decision victory. ..

The joint main event featured a bantamweight strap championship clash Jack Cart Light (10-0) His belt Syl Wester Mirror (9-4). From the beginning of the fight, undefeated Cartwright struggled while Miller engaged him with effective strikes and relentless wrestling. The British tried to prevent Miller from taking down, but every time a Polish fighter attempted to take down, he turned his back on Matt. Miller showed the same strength when attacking enemies on the ground, and even landed several headbutts at the same time.

He apparently won the battle up to that point, but Miller couldn’t control himself and landed more headbutts. In the third round, referee Rich Mitchell scored points from a Polish fighter and warned that another breach would sacrifice his fight. A few seconds later, Miller did it again, and Mitchell showed him mercy with a less severe deduction of another point. In the fourth stanza, the mirror couldn’t resist and connected to another headbutt. The referee had no choice but to disqualify the challenger. The official downtime was 2:16 in Round 4. Cartwright won his third title defense and didn’t hurt his record, but today’s fight is invincible, showing that the £ 135 Kingpin might not be.

The first half of the main card, Matthew Bonner (9-6-1) Defeated former middleweight champion James webb
(8-3-1) With only 5 seconds left in the second frame.

In the first semi-final of a four-person welterweight tournament,
Jack Grant (17-6) Submission Madars Bertholds-Fleminas (7-3) With a smooth anaconda choke, the “Latvian Express” was forced to tap the 2:31 mark in Round 2. A few minutes ago Ian Gary
(6-0) Wipe out Ultimate Fighting Championship Veterinarian Rostam Akman (6-3) With a fully landed head kick, the Swedish fighter became unconscious in the second round at 2:28. Grant and Gary will clash for a £ 170 championship in the tournament finals later this year.

Elsewhere Josh Reed
(11-5) Molding Brian Clayton (11-9) Punch before dropping him on the last knee at the 3:59 mark on the opening stanza; Omail Brown (1-0) started the night with a vicious standing guillotine choke Joshua Onwordi (2-2, 1 NC) A welterweight slope that triggers a tap at 4:26 in the opening period.

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Sardari Outpoints Desmae; Miller disqualified for headbutt on CW121 Sardari Outpoints Desmae; Miller disqualified for headbutt on CW121

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