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WWE Superstar and current SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks recently Complex sports podcast Snoop Dogg’s splash on AEW Dynamite, wrestler Mount Rushmore, her thoughts on the growing blue brand women’s division, and much more. The highlights of the interview are below.

SmackDown Women’s Sector Growth:

“I opened all the doors in my lane. I opened a lot of WWE doors. I can see it at work. When I go to NXT, I can see it every week. Friday Night SmackDown. Now we feel we have the best women’s division ever. All our women are killing it, and everyone is very friendly. For some bodies I have a body. “

She says she is watching over the women’s royal rumble carefully:

“I’ll be careful of that sneaky Charlotte Flair and make sure she won’t win again. I’m going to watch these NXT girls, hopefully there will be some surprises. . “

Her role in The Mandalorian:

“It was crazy. The whole experience I was there … what I was there never really started. I said,” Why did this happen? “It happened so fast, I didn’t sleep, I had to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, I didn’t go home for months. It’s because working with the best creators, the best directors, the best casts, and becoming so legendary that people will see it for years and generations to come. It was great. Little kids are falling in love again, or just starting Star Wars and all its heritage, like “Now I’m part of it.” Very nice. “

Her personal favorite royal rumble moment:

“Participating in the first ever women’s royal rumble. Participating in rehearsals, seeing all these legends, then being pulled aside,” You will be the girl who leads this, you must Do all these things to become like “You’ll be a girl you have to.” It’s just a good performer, not just a good show for you. It ensures that I will appear for all these women and women who haven’t been in the ring for years, and for many brand new women who haven’t been in the WWE ring for years. It’s a lot of pressure and we’re in the Philadelphia crowd! It’s not just one thing, it’s more than what you really understand. So I always say, “If you just know!”

How much she misses the live experience of having fans:

“I miss the vitality of people and fans. They, you can create so much magic. You can get me on board and you change my mind in my match. You can let me do something else. I’m very lonely. “

She says her favorite pop she had was from her takeover Brooklyn match with Bailey:

“My favorite pop is to play against Bailey in Brooklyn. The crowd and its reaction are all I’ve dreamed of for a lifetime. People were up and no one was sitting. Wheelchair man Even didn’t sit, they were all standing. I was miraculous. I was making a man cry. “

Thoughts on ThunderDome:

“I’m still used to it. It looks like I’m having a big zoom meeting with everyone.”

About Snoop Dogg Splash at AEW Dynamite:

“I met him two weeks before he did it, and he was talking about how he wanted to splash. I didn’t expect the splash to look like this! He Immediately called me and asked if I was proud and laughed. I was like “hey”, if you were having fun, that’s important. I still had time. I want to play with him. I had time because I wanted to make him a WrestleMania tag team partner. I had time to train him. That splash will be 5 stars. “

Mount Rushmore in her personal wrestling:

“Of course, I’m number one. I, Bailey, Eddie Guerrero. Kurt Angle.”

Praise Kurt Angle:

“He’s one of the best wrestlers and entertainers of all time. His game is very clear. If you’re trying to get into the game as a wrestler, learn the basics, then Kurt if you’re trying to learn top techniques. You need to look at the angle. “

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Sasha Banks praises Kurt Angle, discusses her role in The Mandalorian, and reveals her WWE Mountain.Rushmore Sasha Banks praises Kurt Angle, discusses her role in The Mandalorian, and reveals her WWE Mountain.Rushmore

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