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Cute Sasha Banks recently accessed social media via Instagram, where the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion is as vibrant and brilliant as ever, crouching and posing in a tight black skirt. Emphasized the photography of. The bank added a caption: “Everything you like: I liked it five years ago …”, definitely a young challenger for her championship-a reference to Bianca Belair. Is this the bank’s way to play mind games against WWE’s EST? Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will fight each other during the night of WWE WrestleMania 37. The event will be held as a two-night event on April 10th and 11th, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Sasha Banks was recently found to be having dinner with this AEW star.

In other news about Banks’ WrestleMania opponent Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair recently talked about their long-awaited match at Talking Smack. Berea said:credit Wrestling Co., Ltd. For the next transcription.

“I give Sasha credits, but I don’t give her too much,” Berea said. “If you’ve known me since the days of NXT, I’ve always known that I’m walking around saying I’m the strongest and toughest. It’s in me.

She continued. “But after all, I understand that it’s a historic moment, a great moment in WrestleMania, and at the same time two alpha women following the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Has what I want. She has what I don’t want. That’s why it’s at stake now. “

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Sasha Banks “Squat” with a photo of a beautiful skirt Sasha Banks “Squat” with a photo of a beautiful skirt

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