Satisfy your stockings with the bumper Christmas update

There’s no better way to celebrate this time of the year than freeing players at Santa’s workshop and wearing a festive hat on Lizard Doggo! This is just one of the Christmas treats waiting for players in the acclaimed immersive open world factory simulator. Satisfied..No wonder it was powered #Ten Of this year’s Steam250, it’s the best of the official Top 250 Steam games, according to gamer reviews launching Christmas celebration updates!

For an overview of the game, Satisfactory is a vast first-person factory builder set in an exotic alien planet. Playable by 1 to 4 players, Satisfactory focuses on space exploration and the freedom to build complex and unlimited structures. You can see the launch trailer here.

This Christmas update is packed with festive parts, buildings and equipment. All of these can be unlocked during December through the FICSmas Advent Calendar. Here’s an overview of what players can find under the Faktree in the morning, from snowball fights to candy cane basher (sorry …).

  • 10 new festive parts such as snowmen, Christmas tree decorations, candy canes and garlands.
  • 7 building decorations:
    • Large candy cane decoration
    • Snowman decoration
    • Snow dispenser decoration (can be placed on the ceiling and creates snow particles)
    • Wreath decoration (can be placed on the wall)
    • Light line (alternative power line with Christmas light)
    • Huge Christmas tree decoration (starts naked and upgrades to a fully decorated one in 4 steps)
    • Gift Tree (Gift parts can be manufactured and a conveyor belt can be attached for automation)
  • A candy cane-themed Zeno Basher and a snowball pile that explodes on impact
  • Outside of these unlockable ones, wider games will get new festive paint, and there’s more for players to discover: including:
    • Lizard dog in reindeer costume
    • Jump pad that shoots snow and makes a jingle sound when used
    • Packager that spits out Christmas particles
    • Collectable gift bundle raining from the sky
    • Pioneer in a santa hat
    • Telephone pole decorated with Christmas wreath

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Satisfactory fills the stocking with a bumper Christmas update

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