Sattu: Your natural, cheap, high quality protein drink

There was no single talk session I went and left without learning anything new from the state, country, or participants. On my trip to Kolkata, I learned about this wonderful drink made from roasted gram flour, or what is commonly referred to as “satsu” in North India. One of the participants in my session taught me about a drink made from “satsu” that the locals drink.

I have been famous for generations in the states of North India, and the health benefits of this drink, which has been used as a natural remedy for some illnesses and as a high-value, nutritious staple food. I learned. I picked up some packets of Sattu and took them home. The keywords that raised my level of interest were: protein, calcium, fiber, iron and magnesium. Sattu has it all.

For many who don’t know me, I disassemble the product, study and study it in detail, test its reliability and nutritional value in the lab, and share it with everyone who can do it after using it myself. Has a reputation.

“Sattu” is “Whey Protein Shake”.. Made from roasted gram flour, this composition is one of the best sources of vegetarian protein and is of the highest quality that is most easily absorbed by the body.

60 grams (4 tbsp) of this roasted flour provides 19.7 grams of high quality protein as follows –
Calcium and Magnesium (Magnesium is a great combination as it helps the body absorb calcium). This is excellent for bone health and prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Super health for growing children and adults!

iron: (Iron deficiency is a major problem and can cause serious health problems. Taking iron supplements can be too toxic to the liver and cause constipation.) Natural iron is best.

fiber: An excellent source of dietary fiber. We all know that fiber cleans the colon and stomach, prevents and treats constipation, and helps with fat loss and energy levels.

Most people will think that “satsu” produces as much gas as Channa (galvanzo beans / chickpeas). In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Ayurveda states that those who have gas in this form (sattu) are relieved.

It helps to lose fat and weight, has excellent strong sexual health, and is a natural colon cleanser.

Elderly people, sick people, bedridden people, people recovering from serious illness or surgery, Satsu or roasted Besan rapidly gain strength and muscle mass.

I wasn’t surprised, but just overwhelmed, as I once again realized that nature provided us with everything. We couldn’t find it because we were caught in a marketing and media trap.

Sattu can be your new protein shake

This is my new protein shake and even a healthy drink. 4 tablespoons of water or chaas (buttermilk) Sometimes I add pepper sometimes, sometimes roast cumin (jira) and sometimes cinnamon. 20 grams of protein. I work out one and one post in the morning as this “Sattu” glass fills you and provides enough protein.

Unlike many ingredients that even a bottle of whey protein doesn’t understand, you feel lighter, more toned, less bloated (some whey protein causes temporary bloating) and in a glass. I know what’s in it. People at the food stalls also said that they could add brown sugar to make it sweeter. It’s a great summer drink and it cools the body very much.

Surprisingly cheap

Compared to the amount you pay for whey protein, Sattu is a much cheaper and more effective alternative.In fact, Sattu GOQii Health Store In-app discount using GOQii Cash. Cost aside, more importantly, knowing the quality of the protein and what’s in the glass. If you don’t stir it well, it tends to form a lump, so it’s best to blend it. If you add lemon to it, there is no mistake.

So make changes today and spread the word. The purpose is to move naturally from processed. I hope you found this article useful. Share your thoughts in the comments below. For nutrition details, check out Healthy Reads or subscribe to personalized health coaching here and ask your GOQii coach: https: //


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