Saturday Sunday Screenshots: Orbs, Watercolors, Tea Drinking Frogs

Scream on Saturday Sunday? Not your life, companion, it’s November. Halloween is over. There’s no contractual obligation to be “creepy” today, so don’t be afraid to go back to Twitter’s favorite gamedev hashtag well. This Week: Frog Chorus, Living Pictures, Ominous Orbs, and Yes, It’s a Horrible Weekend, I’m fine.

You’ll never be surprised by the people who were able to make the Unity scene look like a work of art, as it was once again on the first outing of the week.

It cannot be avoided that the Dordogne of the French studio Un Je Ne Sais Quoi is absolutely gorgeous. Trade illustrator Cedric Babouche portrays forest scenes in incredible depth, taking us just one step in the adventure of the game’s nostalgic story. It works even better and promises photos, scrapbooking, audio recordings and more when it arrives on Steam sometime next year.

Aw, someone turned off the lights for our next entry, but don’t worry. The orb is your light. Orbs are your friends.

I don’t know what to expect next from the developers of platform pooker Eggggg. However, using Mørkredd, Norwegian developer Hyper Games avoided flying with vomit and played a more gloomy and collaborative puzzle game in full black and white. I love huge, awkward, a little scary orbs. This is a good thing. Sometime next year, we’ll guide you and your friends through the pitch-black maze of Steam and the Xbox Game Pass.

Now, I’d like to bring some music this Sunday afternoon, but the band doesn’t seem to be in the performance yet. A chorus of some frogs, this.

A story about a frog looking for tea leaves As an adventure game, the amphibious rampage of Chilean developer Smarto Club looks pleasing. The artist uses dithered pixels to give the teacup (both the game and the frog itself bearing its name) the quality of this fuzzy picture book. It quickly fits on the shelf next to the Over The Garden Wall art book.

I think it’s a great game to take a mug of hot tea and open it on your bed laptop, but I hope my own tea bag quest isn’t complicated enough to form the basis of the entire video game.

Finally … oh ok, you can have 1 Halloween post, courtesy of the amazing Weaving Tides.

I hope they are knitting a big pumpkin sweater. Because it’s going to be a particularly long, cold and lonely winter. Skeleton, please ensure your safety.

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Orbs, watercolours and a tea-sipping frog

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