Saturday Sunday Screenshots: Songbirds, Problematic Frogs, Geographical Nightmares

Screenshot Saturday Sunday! Last week may have been the longest week in our lives, but the other side seems to have ended almost intact. Now let’s take a moment and relax with some screenshots. This week: Bird bounces, Source mod demakes, crime-fighting frogs, and a broken dream world created by AI.

For the first entry, turn on the headphones and make a sound. You will want to hear this songbird.

Announced earlier this summer, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is the next game in Monument Valley and Ustwo Games, the developer of Assemble With Care. The developers still remain pretty vague about the game, explaining it simply as the story of a girl who visited a Mediterranean island and was caught up in the aversion of animals of all kinds. Anticks, including a flock of birds shaking the feathered pee all over the town behind and causing the right annoyance, can only be guessed by me.

Now, I have a running theory that by this time next year, all games will be consumed by this wobbled PS1 inspired horror look. Obviously, the latest victim of this move is Garry’s mod.

Now I love working on channels like 98Demake. But as well as creating a teaser for what Garry’s Mod looked like in the late 90’s, developer tmnecro takes this demake very seriously. Scroll through the feed and you’ll see that you understand how to recreate a suite of source engine sandbox thrusters, balloons, and various tools. All of these are rendered with wobbling vertices and shimmering textures.

Again, the PS1’s aesthetic brings deep anxiety to the familiar construction sandbox. What’s behind a poorly rendered window?

I’m thirsty? Now, grab some cans with this lumberjack rat man.

I’m really excited to see more of Vera Limani’s rat games here.That little frog joy.. Okay, maybe that’s it, but then I’d like to see what story leads to the repair of the crime-fighting amphibian nunchaku. Told through a cast of cute “n” colorful creatures, the yet-unnamed game wants to tackle homesickness, nostalgia and stagnation. I feel that the latter depends heavily on many of us this year.

Finally, the broken landscape of the dreaming AI. In fact, future life can be cool.

Worldgen is a Twitter bot that creates a procedural landscape of feeds. However, like most of these proc-gen bots, you are properly interested in what happens when it breaks. Here you will find a mountain glitch tapestry that allows you to walk straight outside the Walking Simulator A Month Club in Connor Sherlock. Nice thing.

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Songbirds, troubled frogs, and unintended dreamscapes

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