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The organizers of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix have announced details of the street circuit that will host Saudi Arabia’s first F1 race on December 5th.

The 6.175km circuit is located in Jeddah, the second largest city in the country, and is billed as the fastest street race on the F1 calendar.

The layout has 27 corners, many of which are twists in the flat-out section, and simulations estimate an average speed of 250 km / h around the lap.

The truck runs along Jeddah’s Cornish area, 12 km north of the city centre. The result is a unique layout of the circuit along the coastline.

It is expected to reach a top speed of 322km / h by turn 27, the hairpin returning to the pit straight, and three DRS zones may assist in overtaking.

Like the Singapore Grand Prix, the race is held at night under artificial lighting.

The layout was designed by F1’s dependable circuit designer, Tilke Engineer, but also received feedback from F1’s Motorsports division, led by F1 Motorsports Director Ross Brawn.

“We worked closely with Tilke’s team and promoters to provide fans with exciting wheel-to-wheel racing and secure a track that will challenge every driver,” Brown said.

“This design brings out the best of modern street circuits, but it also has a fast-paced, free-flowing area that creates fast speed and overtaking opportunities.

“The Red Sea setting is great and I can’t wait for the car to get going in December.”

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Saudi Arabia street circuit layout revealed Saudi Arabia street circuit layout revealed

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