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Saudi-led coalition destroys 10 fusi drones: Saudi TV

The Saudi-led coalition government Yemen On Sunday it said it destroyed 10 armed drones launched by an alliance with Iran. Houthi Movements containing at least 5 fired towards Saudi Arabia, The state television channel was reported.

The coalition did not identify a location within the kingdom, but said the drone was targeting a “private location.” On Saturday, the coalition said it had intercepted seven drones fired at Khamis Mushait and one drone fired at Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi, which has fought the coalition since intervening in the Yemeni Civil War in March 2015, has recently stepped up cross-border missile and drone strikes on Saudi Arabia.

Combat is also intensifying in Yemen, Malibu and the Tides region.

The TV channel quotes the Houthi attack escalation as the result of the Houthi’s “victory” in Malibu and the Houthi’s “hostile interpretation” of revoking the group’s terrorist designation by the new US administration in February. did. ..

The· America And that United Nations It has stepped up its diplomatic efforts to end the conflict primarily seen in the region as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Last week, the Treasury imposed sanctions on two Houthi leaders in the first punitive action taken by the president against a group. Joe BidenManagement.

The Houthi, who expelled an internationally recognized government from the power of the capital Sana’a in late 2014, Tehran And they say they are fighting a corrupt system and foreign aggression.

The war has been in a state of military stalemate for years, killing tens of thousands of people and driving Yemen to the brink of famine.

Doctors Without Borders, a medical charity, said Friday that Tides’ Altaura Hospital had treated 28 people who had been injured in a violent clash since Wednesday, the hospital itself was shot and three people were injured, including a 12-year-old boy.

Hundreds of fighters were killed from both sides in Malibu, the government’s last northern base.

Saudi-led coalition destroys 10 fusi drones: Saudi TV Saudi-led coalition destroys 10 fusi drones: Saudi TV

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