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The Colorado Rockies are desolate. Despite the large number of talented players, they are looking closely when it comes to expanding the playoffs in 2021. Colorado may not be so much fun in the coming years. Also, some of the players may need help.

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The Rocky Mountains were by no means in a great condition to compete in 2021, and now with recent moves in San Diego they are fortunate to finish third in their division. Colorado has done a great job of putting talent into the field for the past decade, but things haven’t really come together to run the actual World Series. As a result, there are some talented players who grow older over cost-controlled years. This doesn’t really fit well for teams that are a few away from being a serious competitor.

Often, at this point, the team will try to cash in on the value of the veteran’s talent and speed up the rebuild. If the Rocky Mountains choose to go this route, the Minnesota Twins have some pieces that need to be checked in.

John gray
Gray has been a clear target for Twins in recent years. He struggled in 2020, but his raw talent is still there with fastballs in the mid-’90s and sliders that provoke whiffs. Gray has the raw tools that Wes Johnson and his company have previously seen take to the next level, and getting out of Coors may be enough to tier him up.

Colorado was a little surprisingly bid on Gray this winter, given how much he fell on the depth chart. If the Rocky Mountains are trying to cut the $ 6 million they plan to earn in 2021, he will be a free agent in a year and, coupled with the poor 2020, will have to get the job done with an overwhelming trade package. Learn more about John Gray. An article written about him last fall.

Trevor Story
The story was discussed as a possible trade goal for this winter, but Colorado will need to burn it completely. He has been one of the best shortstops in baseball for the past three years. His worst season of the period was, according to wRC +, when the 2020 attack was 17% above the league average.

The speed and power to change the game of the story means that the deal still costs the Twins a lot, despite the hefty $ 18.5 million to be paid before he hits the free agent the following year in 2021. May mean. That said, if Twins is confident in exploring extensions, the story is a foreseeable shortcut to the future and will drop superstars into an already impressive lineup.check out Potential trade discussed earlier this year for the story At Twins Daily.

German Marquez
This is the real rocky that needs help. German Marquez is a certified stud away from Coors. He has a 5.10 ERA career at home and is 3.51 marks away. His fastball averages over 95, with curved balls and sliders, both hovering at about 40% whiff rate. Studies show that Coors influences the movement of the breaking ball above all else. That is Marquez’s bread and butter. He’s only 25 years old, has a very reasonable $ 33.5 million payment over the next three years, and has a $ 16 million club option in 2024. This means Twins should be willing to let go of some names at the top end. Farm system.

However, Marquez may be the most valuable play in the trading market. He hasn’t broke out to command a price tag like Ace, but his number away from home shows that he’s still likely to be able to make that kind of profit. So even if you get a little grease on your elbows in the front office, Marquez may be my favorite target for Twins.

The first to fall to Colorado may be Nolan Arenado, which has been discussed as a trade target throughout the winter. If he and his enormous deal were moved, the Rocky Mountains would fall into a mediocre team trying to let go of the pieces in preparation for a quick rebuild. Do you think the Twins should be ready to buy the work that the Rocky Mountains are selling? Please let us know below.

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Save Rocky-Minnesota Twins-Article-Article Save Rocky-Minnesota Twins-Article-Article

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