Save with Bell Reboot Review

Who requested a restart of Saved by the Bell? This is not an unfair question to ask, especially in the age of constant remakes and recycled ideas. But in this case, thank you to those who came up with this fun self-aware comedy that revisited the classic Saturday morning of the 90’s. Without a doubt, this is a straight comedy series. There are moving moments and funny characters, all about laughter. And believe me, you will laugh. If you’ve seen the overly cheerful and melodramatic adventures of the original Saved by Bell gang again, you’ve noticed that it’s as far away from real high school and life as possible. That is the core of the new show’s core idea. Zack Morris (Mark Paul Gosseller) became Governor of California through a change of highly individual events, and his budget cuts mean that many public schools were closed. To save his face, and at the request of journalists, Morris promises to send children from closed schools to institutions in wealthy areas of the state, such as Bayside High.The school remains absolutely ridiculous as it was in the 90’s. It is governed by Zack’s son and California’s first lady, Kelly Kapovsky (Tiffani Thiessen), Mack (Mitchell Hoog). His friendship group is completed by other privileged children in the school, such as HBIC Lexi (Josie Totah) and Jessie Spano’s kind-hearted son Jamie (Belmont Cameli). When the recently closed Douglas High School children arrive, their lives are upset and led by a fearless and good daisy (Haskiri Velázquez). She is accompanied by her best friend, football star, and fashion icon Aisha (Alicia Pasqual-Pena) and their mysterious classmate Devante (Dexter Darden). It’s easy to set up, but what might have been the story of a fish out of the water is delivered with bitter humor and enough heart, making Peacock’s original one of the best new shows of the year. It’s from there that the power of Bell saved us the duel cast and the perception of how ridiculous the original show was. The original cast and their children offer sincere stupidity as if there was nothing strange about watering the gymnasium or running to secure parking for the class president. To do. Daisy and freshmen bring the right amount of “WTF?” To deal with a group of wealthy children whose biggest problem is what to order from Max. The balance of self-aware satire and honesty puts your heart into the show and you won’t feel overworked or horny. It is also a testament to the stellar writing and always entertaining performance of a very important intergenerational ensemble cast.

When it comes to the OG crew, Mario Lopez (AC Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano) are the cast members who come back most regularly as they are currently Bayside High teachers. And their performance, chemistry, and nostalgia friendships are one of the most powerful parts of the series, and how many of the most emotional parts of the series are Jesse’s failed marriage and Slater’s dysgenetic adulthood. It will benefit the show as it provides. But Saved by the Bell never gets lost in the drama, and almost every possible moment in the soap opera is due to a completely biting joke, annoying teenager with problems and ridiculous plans. You will be stabbed.

Saved by Bell Reboot: Season 1 Photo

Daisy is a young man who breaks the fourth wall here, also known as the new Zack Morris. Velázquez is good at looking into the camera and rolling his eyes completely like the real thing-she’s an office gym in that there will inevitably be some memorable moments, but Velázquez is Daisy. Will guide you. Someone who is friendly, clever, funny, flawed, and as confused by the bayside as we are all. Teaming up with Pascual-Pena, this pair can’t be stopped. Aisha is a breakout for the new Saved by the Bell. Her arc is one of the most fascinating, her performance is the most reliable, and her wardrobe is the most fascinating. If NBC wants, these two could lead the show for years.

From the beginning, Saved by the Bell is shy about who they’re aiming for: government bureaucracy, public school systems, privileges, comedies, and most importantly, Zack Morris and his son Mack. Is not. The pair is the butt of many jokes and both do a great job. While Gosselal is a great, sometimes inflated and useless public figure, Hoog is the perfect comedy foil in the street-smart heterosexual world. Bayside was a Mac playground until new kids appeared, and he was suddenly forced to agree with the outside world of Bayside. It sounds shy and preached, but instead it’s a cheerful and abstract quest involved in a metatext teen comedy about television comedy.

Although there is a comprehensive plot throughout the season, each episode also acts as a standalone, reflecting the structure of the original series. However, there are only 10 episodes each running in about 30 minutes, so when you start, it’s almost always confusing. Here’s the lightness and fun that many modern reboots lack. I’m not interested in making Saved by the Bell “gritty” or “dark.” As such, it’s anti-Riverdale. This is a teenage show featuring actors who actually look and act like real teens, give better advice to each other than murder or premarital sex, and are more likely to hold hands. In fact, that’s another strength. This series is a fairly low stake, even when dealing with big issues, making it an easy and comfortable watch.It’s rare to see a show doing a great job of providing a biting comedy, but that doesn’t make sense. What was saved by Bell was essentially a kind show. The children are kind, the parents are kind, and the jokes are never overwhelmed. There are many destructions here, and the soccer team is a good example. Instead of the bullies we usually see, they are sweet in that they are basically Himbo. And they are faced by their bold and lovely leader, Jamie Spano, the kindest of all of them. Camelli is a fascinating presence on the show and there should be more work for him after his overwhelmingly sweet and open performance here. Jamie is a great example of a character piece that makes Saved by the Bell work very well and makes it feel very unique.

If you’re looking for laughter, you’ll have a hard time finding something more interesting than Saved by the Bell. And the best thing is that you can enjoy it whether you’ve seen the original or not. But if you’re familiar with 90’s classics, you’ll get a lot of laughter from the smart and engaging way of combining old and new.


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