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Saver suffering from low interest rates and bonuses on his account

Not surprisingly for those who are already aware of disastrous interest rates throughout the year, most of the top 50 instant access savings account for £ 5,000 (56%, or 28), and the saver is himself. There are restrictions and penalties for accessing your account. It increased from 48% (or 24) in October last year. The average size and duration of short-term bonuses used on many of these accounts has decreased.

According to the results of a survey commissioned by Investec, three of these savings accounts did not allow further withdrawals in the calendar year after reaching the maximum allowed amount in October 2019. It was just. By October 2020, one in five people had applied this limit.

Only six of the top 50 accounts in 2019 were restricted to the provider’s specific age group or current deposit customers, which increased to eight a year later.

In October 2019, seven of the top 50 companies used the same number of bonuses as they do today when it comes to short-term bonuses that boost returns. However, the average bonus for the top 50 seven accounts last October was 0.43, with an average duration of 12.4 months. The corresponding numbers for the seven accounts with the top 50 bonus rates at the end of October this year were 0.34% and 11.1 months, respectively.

The· Investec Online Flexi Saver Pay 0.55% AER for balances between £ 5,000 and £ 250,000. Clients can make as many deposits and withdrawals as they like at any time, with no fees or penalties. Interest is paid monthly. Investec uses the latest technology to provide a sophisticated application process, making opening an account quick and easy. Online Flexi Saver accounts are opened and managed entirely online.

Features a second of the top 5 best buy tables from Savings champion..The top is Aldermore Double Access Account Issues 1 It pays 0.60% with a minimum investment of £ 1,000. Easy Access withdrawals are allowed up to twice a year, and additional withdrawals will reduce the rate for the rest of the year to 0.10%. Interest is paid annually or monthly and the account is also opened and managed entirely online.

Linda Brown, Head of Savings at Investec Bank, said: Competitiveness.

“Savings must consider the terms and conditions of the savings account they choose and the interest rates offered. For all savings accounts, short-term bonus-independent rates and fair and transparent terms and conditions. Offers. “

Andrew Haggar, Founder and Director 0f MoneyCommsThe survey was conducted, stating:

“Some of the best buy rates are often problematic, such as limiting the number of withdrawals allowed. These accounts are not worth labeling as“ easily accessible ”.

Anna Bowes, The founder of Savings Champion, said: “The next thing you can expect is a $ 6 million question. It’s unacceptable to call because there is still so much uncertainty about both the vaccine hope and Brexit’s large-scale or no-trade situation. Is possible.

“But the vaccine program can see the beginning of an economic recovery, which can boost inflation, which could lead to an increase in the Bank of England’s base interest rate and hopefully interest rate savings.

“Also, new banks are waiting. As we’ve seen, these new banks looking for new customers can put cats between pigeons, usually for a short period of time.

So, in summary, it’s hard for savers, but it still makes sense to see what they’re currently earning and switch. It can make a difference. “

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Saver suffering from low interest rates and bonuses on his account Saver suffering from low interest rates and bonuses on his account

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