Say goodbye to Rainbow Six Siege’s 1-year pass and a new strategy will appear in the Battle Pass

The 6th year release of Rainbow Six Siege gives players a glimpse of gameplay changes, map rework, and some of the operators arriving in the next 12 months, but no 6th year pass.

Ubisoft typically releases a one-year pass for Rainbow Six Siege. This will allow early access to all new operators of the year, along with in-game currency, some exclusive cosmetics and store discounts. This is typically around $ 24.99 / £ 15.99. According to Ubisoft, this decision results in a desire to reduce the number of places players can buy and increase the value of the Battle Pass. The price of the Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass will not increase at all, but the 1-week Early Access period for pass holders will be extended to 2 weeks.

One of the biggest complaints when the Battle Pass model first arrived at Rainbow Six Siege last year was that players felt that there were too many different monetization models in the game, so this integration could be a welcome change. There is sex. However, the transition to a two-week monopoly period for new operators may not be very popular.

The sixth year of Rainbow Six Siege is also the beginning of a new content structure for tactical FPS, with a total of four Rainbow Six Siege operators scheduled to release this year instead of the six years last year and the eight years last year. It makes a lot of sense to incorporate a new operator into a seasonal Battle Pass, as it’s difficult to sell a player with a one-year pass with half the number of operators.

If you miss the show, there’s a complete summary of all the announcements from Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist and the 6th Year Panel. Stay tuned for more Rainbow Six Siege news in the coming days while discussing future changes with the Ubisoft team.

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