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After conducting an online survey, I came across this annual report released by a French mass retailer group in June 2020 (most recently).Group casino“”

As a historic player in French mass retailers, the group also began to grow internationally in the late 90’s. In 1999, we acquired GPA and Grupo Éxito. This is the leading mass retailer in Brazil and Colombia.

The Casino Group operates in all food and non-food formats, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, discount stores and wholesale stores... In addition to the eponymous “Géant Casino” and “Casino Supermarchés”, the Casino Group owns other brands such as Monoprix, Francrix, Leader Price, Cdiscount, Vival, Spar, Sherpa and Le Petit Casino.

There are approximately 226,606 employees worldwide, of which approximately 75,449 are in France.

The Casino Group is the source of many innovations, including the brand of the first distributor in 1901, the first self-service store in 1948, and the expiration date display for consumer goods in 1959.

Since 1898, the historic player of French retail, the Casino Group has more than 12,200 stores in France, Latin America and the Indian Ocean, with sales of 37.8 billion euros and one of the world leaders in food retail. It is one.

Anyway, if you look Pages 40-43 The recent annual report has some comments from Shekel Brainweigh.


This seems very positive to me. It is specifically mentioned in the annual report of the European giant, who has a solid track record of innovation and technology adoption (and billions of euros in revenue each year). Is this the first of more autonomous stores? I want to hear the thoughts of others.

SBW-Shekel Brainweigh | Australian Equity Forum SBW-Shekel Brainweigh | Australian Equity Forum

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