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Scalper Inside PRO v3.0 – Simple Daytime Scalping-Trading Strategy-October 9, 2021

Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses a unique Next Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine trends quickly and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that automatically determines the exact time of the start and end of a position, calculates detailed statistics and selects the best trading method for trading. You can also use the Scalper Inside PRO indicator to connect custom indicators to view and calculate statistics and profitability. Indicators are suitable for all trading methods and timeframes.

Manual update: 2021-10-09

Product URL:

Current version: v3.0

Currency pair: Any

time frame: Any

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Appearance and main features of Scalper Inside PRO

Easy-to-use rules

1) Select a trading method with a high profitability ratio.

2) Waiting for a new signal:

3) Open a position when the price reaches the entry level (delta entry mode):

Delta Entry Mode: Opens a position when the price reaches the calculated entry level, not immediately after the signal is displayed.

4) Close the entire open position (or part of the position) at the TP level:

5) If the price has not reached the profit level, close the position with the opposite signal (SL: Reversal Mode):


PRO trend detection algorithm

PRO embedded strategy

PRO analysis

PRO Trading

Control panel description

How to minimize and move the control panel

Scalper Inside PRO configuration description

Entry rules

Strategy selection -Choose a strategy for trading:

  • Strategy-1
  • Strategy-2
  • Custom indicator ( In PRO version).

Strategy 1-2 sensitivity -Adjust the sensitivity of Strategy 1-2 (values ​​from -5 to +5) and select ready-made presets

Next Candle Entry:When the signal is displayed, open the next candle position.

Delta Entry:Open a position when the price reaches the calculated entry level. This mode helps to rule out some false signals.

Time filter settings

Use a time filter

Activate the time filter: NS, The indicator only works at the specified (terminal) time from’ Start hour “ NS ‘ Stop hour “

Termination rule


SL automatic calculation: Stop loss level is calculated automatically

Reverse SL: Close the position of the signal on the other side

Use manual SL: Use manual stop loss

Use manual TP1, TP2, TP3 -Use manual TP1, TP2, TP3 (true / false)

Manual TP1, manual TP2, manual TP3 -Manual TP1, Manual TP2, Manual TP3 values ​​(if’) Use manually TP1, TP2, TP3’= true

Manual SL (Exit = When using manual SL) -Manual SL value (if) “Select close position setting”= Use manual SL

Alert settings

All alerts disabled -If, all alerts will be disabled immediately NS

Arrows Email Alert, Arrows Sound Alert, Arrows Pop-up Alert, Arrows Send Notifications -When you see the arrow signal, activate / deactivate different types of signals

Multiple indicators

If you want to use two Scalper Inside Pro With different indicators on the same chart at the same time, this option is for you.

Use multiple indicators (true / false) -Use multiple indicators (true / false)

Select indicator label -Selection of indicator label to use (Indicator-1 or Indicator-2)

‘Set Use multiple indicators = true’ Both indicator copies. Select the label’for the first copy of the indicator. Indicator-1‘And in the second copy, “Indicator-2”:

Other settings

History bar for calculations -Number of bars to calculate

Visual settings

Use automatic color theme -Use preset color schemes

Select a color theme -Dark / Light theme selection (for’) Auto color theme‘= true

Panel size scale (0.5-2.0) -You can enlarge or reduce the control panel to a convenient size

All of the graphic settings below allow you to turn the signal on / off (vertical lines, arrows) or completely change the color scheme. To use custom color settings, don’t forget to disable automatic theme selection:’ Use automatic color theme‘= false

Connecting and testing custom indicators

NS Custom indicator test module It is used to connect and test your own indicators instead of the built-in strategies 1 and 2. This module is Arrow indicator, Automatically detect the operating principle.What you need to specify Indicator name When Graphical buffer, The indicator draws an arrow. Scalper Inside PRO Do the following steps yourself. Let’s look at some examples.

Run Scalper Inside PRO And settings’ Strategy selection‘= Custom indicator:

Set the indicator name (‘ Phoenix‘In this example)’ Custom indicator name‘Field:

The next step is to select the graphics buffer for Custom indicator An arrow is displayed.For normal buy second hand Buffer-0,and sell second hand Buffer-1..

please confirm Signal arrowof Custom indicator Match Signal arrowthat Scalper Inside PRO Constructed:

next, Scalper Inside PRO Normal mode indicator, but receives a signal from a custom indicator.

If the custom indicator turns out to be using a different set of buffers than Buffer-0 When Buffer-1, That’s not a big deal-just change the buffer in the configuration to another pair of buffers.

Custom Indicators You do not need to install custom indicators on your chart to operate the Scalper Inside PRO indicators correctly in test mode. The custom indicator is connected to the default settings.

How to find the buffer in the source code of a custom indicator?

If you have the source code for the indicator, you can specify the buffer to use for display. Signal arrow.. It looks like this:

In the above example Custom indicator use Buffer-0 When Buffer-1 A buffer for displaying arrows.

Another example:

In this example Buffer-3 When Buffer-4 Used to display a signal arrow.

Configuration Buffer-3 When Buffer-4 The value of the Scalper Inside PRO Use a custom indicator within Scalper Inside PRO system:

Product URL:

Scalper Inside PRO v3.0 – Simple Daytime Scalping-Trading Strategy-October 9, 2021 Scalper Inside PRO v3.0 – Simple Daytime Scalping-Trading Strategy-October 9, 2021

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