Scalper sells over 60,000 PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles on eBay.

The shop may not be in stock, but eBay has it

It is estimated that by reselling next-generation consoles and new PC Cards on eBay, Scalper’s revenue this year exceeded £ 61m.

We are only a week away from Christmas and there are no signs of that yet. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are back in stock everywhere in the UK. That is, it is unlikely to be available at the last minute.

This means that the PlayStation 5 is at least £ 700 and the Xbox Series X is about the same price, unless you decide to buy it on eBay, where many consoles are still in stock.

Scalpers are proud to make huge amounts of money already this year, as they know, and website DEV users, including those recently released, are worth $ 82 million (6150). It is calculated to be (10,000 pounds). A rare new PC graphics card.

Data engineer Michael Driscoll has created a script that captures the console and the entire sold list of AMD Ryzen 95 950X and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 PC cards by December 1.

His results show that during that period, 32,964 PlayStation 5 consoles (25,642 standard and 7,322 digital versions) and 29,795 Xbox Series X / S (22,932 Xbox Series X and 6,863 Xbox Series). S) indicates that it has been sold.

Although eBay hasn’t released official numbers, rival reseller website StockX recently sold “over 60,000” next-generation consoles, with PlayStation 5 accounting for 62% of sales. I told Business Insider.

Sony and Microsoft have provided very little comment on the situation, with no attempt to prevent scalper or clear instructions on when the share issuance will be resolved.

Microsoft warns that the shortage can last at least until April, and PlayStation 5 can be difficult to get at least at the same time.

eBay Xbox Series X Console

The situation doesn’t get better soon

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Scalpers have sold over 60,000 PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles on eBay

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