Scalpers and collectors buy McDonald’s Pokemon Happy Meal

This is why we don’t have good stuff. All of the 50 Pokemon cards included in this month’s McDonald’s Happy Meal will be available to children across the United States to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, as eBay’s Scalper buys packs in bulk. can not. Not surprisingly, it’s a shame, as some cards are a rare holographic version.

It seems that many adults are heading to McDonald’s to buy cards in bulk without Happy Meal itself-relatively common when certain Happy Meal toys are in high demand-and some make it Before going to a restaurant that is intercepting the entire box of things.

Full boxes sell for over $ 800 (about £ 580) on eBay, and individual sealed packs sell for about $ 5 to $ 20 (about £ 4 to £ 15), respectively. The only way these boxes can be passed to the seller is either a backstreet deal with an employee or an employee. is seller. Either way, McDonald’s doesn’t look good.

Some Pokemon fans encourage generosity along with card hunts and ask others to donate food to at least the homeless.

As a record, we have no objection to adults buying Pokemon cards. In fact, we are adults, so all sandwiches need to be cut into Pikachu shapes. Otherwise you won’t eat. Still, it’s going to be a disappointing month for kids who love Pokemon and don’t want to make quick money.

At least you can order 27 Happy Meals and enjoy this guy’s Schadenfreude, who only gets battleship toys.

Did you get the mitt on the card? Did you kick the unobtrusive kid while doing so? Please tell us your experience in the comments.

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