Scarlet Witch’s 15 Most Powerful Enemies, Ranking

The Scarlet Witch counts some of the greatest Marvel Comics supervillains among her most powerful enemies, such as Doctor Doom and Ultron. However, Scarlet Witch’s most powerful enemies also include some great Marvel superheroes. Both Doctor Strange and Professor X fought her in the comics in the following important stories: Avengers: Disassembly The place where Wanda became a villain.

Patrick Stewart replays his role as Charles Xavier Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, These iconic comic book battles are possible with the MCU. If they occur, fans may see the Scarlet Witch fight her most powerful enemies at once in her many years of fighting. But her biggest enemy in the movie may be one often seen in comics. It’s herself.

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Updated May 8, 2022 by Derby Hahn: Madness Multiverse Doctor Strange introduces at least one variant of the Scarlet Witch. This variant may one day become an enemy of MCU Wanda. This is not unexpected, as Scarlet Witch has been cast as a villain in the last two decades of the comic by his actions and the manipulation of others. Her use of chaos magic and the potential for unlimited power are often devastating, such as making Scarlet Witch her own worst enemy and Wanda erasing almost every mutant in the House of M storyline. It will lead to an event.


The mystery of sitting and holding a machine gun

With the famous ability of Misty’s shape shift, she can be anyone. This causes havoc even for the most powerful superheroes.For some time, Mystic was counted as a suspect in Wanda’s murder. Magneto Trials..

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Mystique’s transformation ability takes advantage of the cruel gap in Scarlet Witch’s stunning defenses due to the skills of Chaos Magic. Mystic also makes her particularly dangerous by stopping without doing anything to get what she wants.

Professor X

Professor X screaming at M's Scarlet Witch's House

Professor X uses his extraordinary telepathy against the X-Men when Wanda was a member of the Evil Mutant Brotherhood in the past and was an enemy of the X-Men, attacking her mind directly. By avoiding her practical abilities.

But when they were superficially allies, he also used his power against her.Before the event House of MSome inspirational storyline Wandavision, Xavier mentally bullied Wanda and made the children forget. This eventually led her to be beaten in her shocking way. This could work for the MCU as Professor X appears to be in the crazy Multiverse Doctor Strange.

Erik Lensherr

With full control of Erik Lensherr’s magnetism, he can accomplish astounding feats in comics, from Wolverine’s body to tearing all adamantium in the 90’s. Deadly charm A story to rejuvenate the core of Mars recently.

He and the Scarlet Witch often fight. Because their unusual family dynamics lead to many personal conflicts. X-Men accused him of killing her Magneto Trials.. Although he proved to be innocent, his power made him one of the few plausible suspects.

High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary reveals the parent-child relationship between Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver

High Evolutionary has advanced his intellect far beyond human understanding. His unparalleled knowledge of genetics and engineering led him to the design of living things. One version of Wanda’s back story included a scarlet witch.

High Evolutionary argued that her power came from his experiments on Mount Wandagoa, not the mutants she believed. His interference in her origin can play a role in some versions of her backstory in the MCU’s Multiverse.


The Scarlet Witch confronts Namor in Marvel Comics.

Namor governs the Kingdom of Atlantis and commands a vast army. He also has superhuman power, speed, and patience.For a short while in the cartoon Avengers vs. X-Men Crossover, he owns the Phoenix Force and becomes cosmicly powerful.

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The reckless use of Phoenix Force by Namor made him an enemy of Scarlet Witch. Avengers vs. X-Men.. She proved that her magical power outweighs the power of the Phoenix Force by fighting all Phoenix Fives, including Namor.


Ultron fights the Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics.

Ultron’s extraordinary intelligence and ability against evil make him one of the greatest Marvel supervillains. Ultron’s visionary connection to Wanda ranks him as one of Scarlet Witch’s most powerful enemies.

Ultron brings all of his immense power to counter the Scarlet Witch, including the ability to create endless drones. He is constantly evolving, upgrading his body and mind to an ever-increasing level, making it harder to beat him.


Immortus once sought to achieve his ambition to control the Scarlet Witch by manipulating it. Immortus, The most powerful variant of the Kang ConquerorHas great knowledge about future and alternative timelines, including the fact that Wanda is a nexus being of unlimited power.

Armed with distant future technology, Immortus has tuned the event to destroy the entire timeline, kill other powerful nexus beings, and manipulate Wanda to attack teammates. Even when he was defeated, he somehow returned stronger than before.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom standing behind the Scarlet Witch.

Doctor Doom once tried to manipulate the Scarlet Witch to access vitality. Taking advantage of her desperate desires, she made her children a reality again to achieve her personal goals, such as healing her deformed face. His selfish cruelty made him one of the most powerful enemies of the Scarlet Witch.

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Doom has a genius level of intelligence and engineering talent, and is one of the greatest sorcerers of the Marvel Universe. All of her talent and determination had to overcome his power.

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness makes Scarlet Witch forget the kids of Marvel Comics.

Comic fans know Agatha Harkness Trained a scarlet witch with magical art. The Powerful Wizard became one of Scarlet Witch’s most powerful villains when he cast a spell on Scarlet Witch, who made him forget that his twin sons Billy and Tommy existed.

This spell stayed there for years, Disassembled avengers When House of M.. This made Wanda fight Agatha, who actually killed Agatha, but she then revived.


The Scarlet Witch fights Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet comics.

Armed with the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos unleashes unimaginable cosmic power. He wiped out half of his life with one finger.Scarlet Witch Survives Snap-in Infinity Gauntlet Although it is a comic book, it was later killed in confrontation with Thanos.

Thanos counters the forces that distort Wanda’s reality with cosmic gauntlets. Without it, her widespread power and mastery of chaos magic reduces him to another villain that she can dispatch relatively easily.


Scarlet Witch Chthon

This ancient mysterious being interacted with the Scarlet Witch on the night of her birth, fusing her with eternally chaotic magic. Chthon also led her towards the use of chaos magic as a child and led her on her dark path that she didn’t really understand until she was an adult.

As a source of chaos magic, Chthon not only manipulates time and space, but also controls other beings. Chthon has created a powerful spellbook, Darkhold. He exists in a magical realm outside of reality and is far beyond imagination.



This immortal lovecraft creature destroys the entire galaxy with a simple idea. The Scarlet Witch fought with other heroes to defeat Shuma-Gorath. Spectacular Spider-Man # 132, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness..

Despite the combination of the powers of Wanda and other heroes defeating Shuma-Gorath and killing him, the ancient creatures are immortal. He always comes back, making it virtually impossible to beat him. The existence of the most powerful universe in Marvel Comics..



Not only can Mephisto change time and space, but he can also disguise himself as the person he wants and rank him among the most powerful scarlet witch enemies. His power allowed him to invest his soul fragments in mysterious objects, which Wanda unknowingly used to create her twin sons.

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He eventually led a campaign to retrieve the fragments, eradicating her children from existence.Mephisto WandavisionWhile Wanda is exploring Dark Magic, he can still appear in the MCU in some way.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange fights the Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics.

Scarlet witch may fight differently A powerful variant of Doctor Strange of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness..Doctor Strange became one of her most powerful villains in the cartoon when they clashed inside Avengers: Disassembly..

Wanda slammed into the Avengers after discovering a spell that Agatha Harkness cast on her to make her forget about the children’s existence. Doctor Strange stuck her and eventually used her eyes on Agamot to incapacitate her.


Scarlet Witch-Attention

Throughout most of her cartoon history, the Scarlet Witch’s greatest enemy turns out to be herself. Her sadness and wounds over the loss of her family in Wanda led her to commit a horrific crime. House of M..

She recently restored her relationship and heritage with comic mutants, but the ability of darkness through the use of chaos magic remains a threat. Her inner darkness and endless possibilities force her to stay vigilant.

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