Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for the release of Black Widow’s Disney Plus

Black widow It may have made an impressive Disney Plus debut when it was released on July 9, but not everyone seems happy with its digital performance.

Thursday Black widow Star Scarlett Johansson has filed a proceeding against Disney for deliberately breaching the contract by releasing the movie on Disney Plus with the theater rather than the theater-only release that Disney originally agreed to. rice field.

Johansson, like many Marvelsters, had a section of contracts specially built to give her additional money and bonuses depending on the box office. Black widow Simultaneously at the theater and Disney Plus Premier Access.

The complaint also includes a alleged communication between Disney and a representative of Johansson, who states that Disney will consult with the star if the release plan changes from the originally planned theater-only implementation. But her lawyer says it didn’t happen.

This type of legal issue has been an ongoing issue for all studios that have adjusted theater window practices for a pandemic. Quiet Place Part 2John Krasinski and Emily Blunt faced a disagreement with Paramount about the film’s short theater window, thanks to the back-end deal. However, things could have been a bit complicated because the Paramount movie didn’t have a date and date release.

Warner Bros. was the first studio to announce a 30-day free date and date release to all HBO Max subscribers. This quickly rubbed the board the wrong way and forced Warner to agree to make up for the backend losses for all 2020 releases. Even partner studios like Legendary Entertainment had problems with new plans and how they were announced. But directors like Christopher Nolan had more than just money, complaining that Warner’s choice would undermine his theater experience. Warner will not continue this strategy until 2022.

It turns out that the theater owners almost agree with Nolan.when Black widow Faced with a significant drop in box office revenue on the second weekend, exhibitors immediately condemned Disney’s failure to simultaneously digitally release.

As part of its daily debate, Disney doesn’t seem to be particularly committed to this idea.While premier access for titles like Black widow, Jungle cruise, And in some Pixar movies, the studio doesn’t keep practicing all year long — at least for now. However, this plan is subject to change due to the new increase in cases of COVID-19 in certain regions of the United States and elsewhere.

Johansson isn’t the only actor or director to file a complaint, but she makes it the farthest by actually taking legal action. She has also brought it to Disney’s largest studio — complaints are particularly condemned, claiming that Marvel fought for exclusive theater distribution. Whether this complaint is resolved in court or outside, such transaction changes may begin shortly, especially if the date and date release strategy continues.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the proceedings.

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