Scary game to play in the dark

Halloween is just behind! This year, for obvious reasons, not the same as before (sad), even adult adults in Hobo costumes purchased at Wal-Mart are extremely difficult to deceive and treat around the house. So what about your backup plan? Of course, eat candy at home while watching and playing the best horror movies and games ever made!

There are certainly some ideas about what to play on the scariest night of the year, but I wanted to dig deeper into the relationship between movies and video games, especially when we’re dealing with it. .. Horror genre.

We know that most movies inspired by video games and most movie-inspired video games were disappointing in the past, with a few notable exceptions, of course, but today we Is doing something different. It’s clear that horror games have learned a lot over the years (and vice versa) from all these great movies. So I enjoyed mashing up games and movies to recreate the movie posters of my favorite games.

Alien X System Shock

Jurassic Park X Dino Crisis

Zombie Land X Dead Rising 3

Moon X play

Bram Stoker’s Dracula X Castlevania

Logan X The Last of Us

So which is your favorite? Vote for Twitter Now Re: Turn-Get a copy of your one-way trip.

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