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Haas F1 driver Mick Schumacher completed his expedition to Ferrari in Fiorano on Thursday and considered it a “good base” for the 2021 rookie season assault.

The Germans ran 50 laps and completed some practice starts on September 30th at the same venue with the team’s 2018 SF71H test car previously sampled.

Today was his third proper test outing with Ferrari, following his first outing with SF19 in Bahrain in 2019.

He also did two demo runs at F2004, which was raced by his father Michael.

Schumacher’s outing has given him a valuable opportunity to speed up after a break before experiencing the 2021 car of the US-owned team for the first time since testing with Haas in Abu Dhabi last month.

He will record more mileage on Friday morning before handing it over to Callum Illott, a rival of the 2020 F2 title and fellow Ferrari Driver Academy.

“Finally sitting in the car again feels like I missed a lot,” Schumacher said. “I think today was definitely a positive day on the track.

“I was able to complete the entire program I had planned without any problems. Given that the next season is about to begin, it was clearly very helpful to be able to survive a lot of mileage with the wheels of an F1 car. . About a month and a half in the pre-season test.

“The SF71H has been a car since 2018, but the behavior on the road and the emotions it gives to the driver are very similar in terms of both the behavior on the road and the physical stress on the current car.

“It makes it a great base when it comes to preparing for the new season.

“Drives in Fiorano are always great anyway because the trucks are technical and demanding.

“I’m happy to see the engineers and mechanics I worked with last September again. I can’t wait to get back to the car tomorrow.”

Ferrari test driver Ilot will be handling the car on Friday afternoon as the Maranello team’s busy five-day program ends.

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Schumacher’s 2018 F1 Ferrari Test “ Excellent Base” 2021 | F1 News Schumacher’s 2018 F1 Ferrari Test “ Excellent Base” 2021 | F1 News

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