Scientists are trying to figure out why you strangely reverse your control

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rear Parents Earlier this year, we ran a story about gamers flipping controlA group of scientists who shifted to online-related research during Covid’s period now do a little research to find out why some people play video games in the opposite direction. is.

(I’m half joking here, the years I spent playing Flight Sim as a kid are irreparable as to which games I play upside down and which ones I don’t. Messed me up)

So Parents reportDr. Jennifer Corbett and Dr. Jap Muneke of the Visual Perception and Attention Lab at Brunel University in London now say, “How an individual’s visual perception ability influences the interaction of both real and virtual environments. I will. “

In other words, is something happening upstairs that determines why people prefer upside-down control, and whether that same tendency is reflected elsewhere in their lives.

“Most research focuses on how people pay attention to individual objects, but humans can’t really handle more than a few details at once,” Corbett said. say. “There are gaps in our knowledge of how our vision relies heavily on the rest of this vast majority of sensory information. How people interact within a particular environment or context. Being able to predict what can make a big difference in technology. ”

This all sounds terribly abstract, but some of the actual applications Corbett suggests that this study might be useful are “weapon detection on baggage scans and tumors on x-rays. Safety-critical tasks such as detection of.

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