Scientists discover new species of gelatinous creatures that live deep in the ocean

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists have discovered and identified a new gelatinous coutenophore deep in the ocean. This discovery was the first of its kind, as the new creature was discovered using only high resolution, according to a report from ScienceAlert. High resolution video footage shot on the ocean floor.

Duobrachium sparksae. (NOAA)

Duobrachium sparksae was discovered by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Deep Discoverer while diving off Puerto Rico. It was first seen in 2015, but the team wanted to make sure it was a new breed.

Although the creature’s body is less than a millimeter long, these cameras allow for high levels of detail that were previously impossible.

“We don’t have the same microscope as in the lab, but the video can give us enough information to understand the morphology in detail, such as the location of those reproductive parts and other aspects. “NOAA marine biologist Allen Collins explains.

D. Sparksae features a bulbous balloon-like body with two prominent tentacle arms, with three different figures photographed at a depth of approximately 2,900 meters or 2.5 miles.

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“It was a beautiful and unique creature,” says oceanographer Mike Ford. “It acted like a hot air balloon attached to the ocean floor with two wires and maintained a certain altitude from the ocean floor. I don’t know if it was attached to the ocean floor. It must be attached directly during the dive. Was not observed, but as the organism touches the seabed. “

Comb jellies are also known as comb animals, also known as sea gooseberries, sea walnuts, and venus girdles. It may resemble a jellyfish, but it is not very closely related, and comb animals are carnivorous and tend to “inhabit small arthropods and various types of larvae.” Moreover, because they live deep in the ocean, they are “worse than jellyfish” in terms of raising them to sea level for research.

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