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Scientists Discover “Space Hurricane” Over Earth

Scientists have identified a “space hurricane.” This is a swirling mass of plasma about 620 miles wide in the upper atmosphere of the magnetic north pole.

The hurricane occurred in August 2014, but scientists said it happened until recently when an international team of researchers noticed this phenomenon while studying satellite observations during that period. I did not know. The first discovery of that kind Published in Nature Communications last month..

“In the past, it was uncertain that even a space plasma hurricane existed, so it is unbelievable to prove this with such impressive observations,” said a space scientist at the University of Reading, UK. Microcwood, co-author of the study, Said in a statement..

The hurricane, which lasted about eight hours, should have been visible to the naked eye, but since it occurred at high latitudes, no one would have seen it. Rockwood told USA Today..

However, the illustration by Qing-He Zhang, Principal Research Author at Shandong University in China, shows what it looked like.

Qing-He Zhang, Shandong University

An illustration of what a space hurricane looked like.

Larry Lyons, Professor of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, Explained to NBC News Why did the cosmic plasma vortex resemble a hurricane we are familiar with on Earth?

“I could see the plasma flowing around, like the wind in a space hurricane,” he said. “These streams were strongest at the edges and diminished as they moved toward the central eye, like the normal hurricane air stream, before picking up again on the other side.”

And while the Earth’s hurricane was raining water, the space hurricane rained electrons into the atmosphere.

Changes in space weather can affect GPS signals, satellite communications, and so on. Researchers suspect that space hurricanes are relatively common and may not have been detected before.

Zhang Said to the vice His team had already discovered other cases of “characterizing a space hurricane” in satellite data. Published studies explain only what he called “the best” in terms of how clear it was.

Scientists Discover “Space Hurricane” Over Earth Scientists Discover “Space Hurricane” Over Earth

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