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Schrole Group Ltd (SCL, formerly Aquaint Capital Holdings Limited) is a technology-based software developer that provides technology-based recruitment platforms and consulting services solutions to schools (both domestic and international), with schools staffing. Recruitment solutions, and customized advisory and training services.

Looking at the chart, I was thinking about picking SCL There was talk about the release of escrowed stocks on the market for the November Chip Comp, but on the market.
News from Stockhead below:
Escrow is a stock that early investors or directors are restricted from selling for a year or two.
The release of escrowed stock can have a significant impact on stock prices. This is because a sudden influx of stock into the market can push down the stock you own.

Edtech Schrole Group (ASX: SCL) It earns the most revenue from escrow, with 233 million people on October 12, with numerous performance shares and unlisted options.

With that in mind, I choose another stock, but I’ll still post the chart I have for future reference. It can still bounce, and there’s more volume these days, which could be the reason above.
My short-term MA> long-term MA / higher lows are displayed, does it break out?

SCL-Shroll Group | Australia Stock Forum SCL-Shroll Group | Australia Stock Forum

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