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The· Coronavirus pandemic The summer transfer window was very different from its predecessor, but football is on the agenda again and the January window will open as usual in Europe’s top leagues.

Summer club spending was nearly € 1.5 billion ($ 1.9 billion) less than last year, According to FIFASeveral deals were agreed in October, to be completed as soon as the winter window opens. January is traditionally a quiet month, but do you see several different strategies on the top side at global events?

This is the performance of all major transactions. The latest article is at the top. Every day is in order of highest price. If you don’t see the results of the completed move, please check again later. All charges will be reported unless confirmed by *.

January. Four

Arsenal: C
Schalke: B +

Schalke are confused and need all the help they can get after finishing 13 games undefeated in the first half of the Bundesliga. Reviving a former player is a good start, but giving him a captain, despite having a loan for the rest of the season, is a clear sign that something is wrong. He will want to be impressed and can certainly help them.

Arsenal are betting a little on fitness Kieran Tierney.. The Scottish defender was good this season, but without Kolasinatsu, one injured and the Gunners could be in trouble.The left back option looks like this Bukayo Saka, Who are better used on the pitch, and Ainsley Maitland-NilesA more comfortable person, right or midfield. Kolašinac was clearly dissatisfied with the lack of play time (and perhaps his friend Mesut Özil was also frozen), but sending him in many injured seasons can be costly. I understood.

January. 2

Atalanta: B
Manchester United: B

* The deal is still waiting for the announcement of a work permit

With only a handful of games under his belt for the Italian side, the October announcement that Diallo would move to Manchester United was very shocking. Atalanta led an 18-year-old youth to the youth rank and clearly appreciated him, but the add-on could add another € 20 million, an offer of € 21 million was too good to reject. is. They may have held up for a few more years to see how he grows, but no one resents taking money in the current climate.

United are betting, but their transfer policy is aimed at young players, who have landed one of the most exciting wings around. It would be surprising if Diallo joined the first team directly, but after being impressed by the UEFA Youth League, he managed to stop the competition for the players he had tracked for a year. It’s a lot of money, but at least half of your spending is based on performance.

FC Salzburg: B
RB Leipzig: A

The relationship between the two clubs owned by Red Bull has made negotiations here much easier. This is a worn-out road for players. Salzburg may have been able to make more money for the Hungarian midfielder, but they deposit their cash in the bank and move on to the next young talent development.

Szoboszlai has been the focus of attention from large clubs such as Arsenal, Milan, Bayern and Real Madrid. So Leipzig went incredibly well to convince the 20-year-old that he should continue his development in Germany. The playing style is similar to Salzburg, and the Bundesliga is probably the perfect club for him as he has a reputation for improving the skills of young players. Expect to hear more about Szoboszlai in the coming years.

8 million euros (6 million pounds, 9.75 million dollars)

Partizan Belgrade: C +
Manchester: B-

The partisans took the unusual step of announcing a deal with Manchester City in October, but this remains questionable as Citi didn’t actually confirm anything. The 18-year-old Winger has made a breakthrough in the first XI of the year after passing the youth team, and is clearly highly regarded by the Serbian club he joined as the 9-year-old. Partisans deposit more than € 8 million in add-ons to banks, but you may regret having let go of Stevanovich early in your career.

City scouts have seen something in teens, but Stevanovich may be on loan for the rest of the season (may return to the partisans).While he is quoting Cristiano Ronaldo As a playstyle role model, he is still too inexperienced to dent the team of the city’s first team. He was able to defeat 15 reported clubs with his signature, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, but he is clearly a future club.

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Score all big signatures from top European clubs Score all big signatures from top European clubs

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