Scorpina joins Power Rangers battle: Grid battle

Rita Repulsa’s minion, Scorpina, is the third and final DLC character in the Power Rangers: Grid Season 3 battle and will be competing in the battle today on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Stadia. You can buy her character for $ 5.99 or get it for $ 14.99 as part of the Season 3 Pass. This option saves you money if you want to get the complete character set including Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, Robert “RJ”. James, Red Samurai Ranger, Lauren Shiva, and Dycy’s Phantom Beast Skin.

To commemorate the release of Scorpina, the developers have released a series of screenshots and a new trailer. These can be displayed up and down.

“Scorpio is a terrifying enemy in any situation and has proven deadly on the ground and in the air. Befitting the nature of her arachnids, she uses her speed and dexterity to explore the entire arena. You can turn it to your advantage, hit the ground with toxic mines, or stab enemies with scorpion-like attacks from the air. Even when in range, Scorpio is her deadly boomeran or te. You can fill the gap with reporting power, and when you’re nearby, her fast-lighting attacks and gliding aerial movements can keep any enemy trapped. “

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Scorpina Enters the Battle in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

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