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Bellator President Scott Coker does not object Patrício Freire Hand over his £ 155 title.

Freire (31-4 MMA, 19-4 BMMA) currently holds the featherweight and lightweight championships in promotion, but hasn’t defended the latter since winning it in May 2019. Hmm.

To Interview with MMA Junkie in May 2020Freire revealed that he would be happy to hand over his 155-pound strap-if that meant his brother, Bellator Lightweight flagship. Patricky Freire (23-9 MMA, 14-7 BMMA), you can get shots. His boss, Corker, sees it as a real possibility.

“He wants to continue at 145,” Coker recently told MMA Junkie. “Does he want to keep his title at 155? To be honest, I think he just wanted to beat Michael Chandler. I think that’s what he wanted to do. He did it. So I think he’ll give up the £ 155 belt because his brother is ready to fight and he’s won some victories. That’s what his manager tells me. That is. If his brother had the opportunity to fight for the title after he had some fights and some victories, I (Patricio) “Pitbull” had the opportunity to give up his belt. I think you will get. That’s one scenario. Another scenario is to keep fighting to fight for him at 145 and 155. “

Regardless of the number of “Pitbull” titles, Coker is proud that Freire is on Bellator’s roster. According to Coker, his achievements, statistics and records accumulated under the promotion flag should not be underestimated.

“You’re definitely talking about one of them, if not the biggest featherweight in MMA history,” Coker said. “He did it all, man. When he fought Michael Chandler, I thought,” OK, maybe this will be a bad fight for him. ” But man, he wasn’t afraid, he went straight to him and knocked out Michael. … At that time, I said, “OK, I’m on sale now, man.” He had so many great fights at Bellator. He is a fearless man. He is definitely the man your Alpha man is walking in the cage. He has that prop and he is very special. “

33-year-old Freire is in the midst of Bellator’s featherweight Grand Prix. Freire, who had already dominated Juan Archuleta and Starch’s Pedro Carvalho, will face Emmanuel Sanchez in the semi-final round. The winner will fight AJ McKee in the tournament final.

Bellator hasn’t announced a schedule for 2021 yet, but Coker has revealed that the promotion expects a return in February. Tournaments are one of Bellator’s priorities for the New Year.

“This tournament wasn’t a joke,” Corker said. “He has experienced an athlete’s gauntlet, and he will be ready. He will be ready. He really wants to solidify his legacy. For me He’s already done it all. He already had it to people before he arrived at Bellator.

“He has to go through Sanchez. Last time, I believe it was the war when he fought Sanchez in Tel Aviv. It was a split decision and it was very close. Sanchez was his Face to face, the fight will be Rock’n Sock’s Slugfest. Winner (Freile vs. Sanchez) and AJ, it’s a fight I’m really looking forward to and fans are really excited to see it I think.”

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Scott Coker opens to vacate Patrício Freire’s title Scott Coker opens to vacate Patrício Freire’s title

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