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Equipment: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5, 5.5, 11, 11.5 Putter
price: $ 429 each
specification: Milled 303 stainless steel with aluminum and adjustable sole weights
Available: March 26

Last season brought an update to Scotty Cameron Select Line Blade Style PutterThis year, it’s time to refresh the mallet putter.There are some medium and high MOI mallets, Phantom X lineup Introduced two years ago in 2021, Titleist putter makers have added two new models with different neck configurations for players seeking more forgiveness and feel.

The Phantom X5 and X5.5 share the same head. This head is machined from 303 stainless steel and has an extension in the heel and toe area. However, instead of keeping the entire head firm, which can make the putter very heavy, Cameron replaces a significant portion of the bottom of the head with a much lighter material, aluminum, and then a pair of weights on the heel and toes. Added range. The weights are not designed for golfers to change, but fitters can swap weights to adjust the club’s swing weights based on club length and player preference.

Adjustable weights on the bottom of the Phantom X putter make it easy to change swing weights. (Titleist)

The difference between the two putters is the neck. The Phantom X 5 has a single bend on the shaft and a well-balanced face, making it ideal for straight-back and straight-through stroke players. The Phantom X 5.5 has a small sloping neck with a slightly hanging toe. Very similar to the putter played by Justin Thomas, it is suitable for players with a slightly arcuate putting stroke.

The Phantoms X11 and X11.5 are similar in shape to the X5 and X5.5, but slightly larger with extra steel pieces at the ends of the heel and toe wings. Again, the silver-tone area is carved out of 303 stainless steel and the dark areas are aluminum for weight savings. The larger the profile, the greater the stability and moment of inertia, and the more resistant the X11 and X11.5 to twisting on off-center hits.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter

The Phantom X 11 and 11.5 have a heavier mass at the heel and toe extension. (Titleist)

The difference between the two putters is still in the neck. The Phantom X 11 has a high, bent neck and a well-balanced face. The Phantom X11.5 has a low single bend and a large movement of the toe of the putter, making it suitable for golfers with arched strokes.

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Scotty Cameron Phantom X5, 5.5, 11, 11.5 Putter

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