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Sunday: 3:25 pm at Levi’s Stadium (Chapter 9 and KFAN-FM 100.3)

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• The 49ers (5-5) jumped to a 20-3 lead and didn’t look back on their 30-10 victory over Jacksonville Jaguars last week. Elusive receiver Deebo Samuel worked in the backfield again, with San Francisco dealing with a running back injury, finishing with a 79-yard rushyard and eight carry touchdowns.

• Raheem Mostert’s running back is on the injured list, and both Elijah Mitchell and JaMychal Hasty missed last week’s victory due to injuries. According to 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, edge rusher Dee Ford and linebacker Dre Greenlaw may return from the disabled list on Sunday, strengthening their defenses. be.

• Tight end George Kittle has returned from IR and caught a touchdown for three consecutive games. He’s one of the NFL’s best blockers in that position, making holes for run games, except for his post-catch receiver advantage.

• Only four NFL defenders have more sack than the 49ers edge rusher Nick Bosa. Nick Bosa leads San Francisco with 10 sack and 15 tackle. The 24-year-old Bosa has recovered from the ACL breach at the end of the 2020 season and has become the 49ers’ best defender.

PLAYER SPEAK | QB Jimmy Garoppolo

• Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was ranked third overall for newcomers’ first round picks Trey Lance, Marshall, Minnesota and North Dakota. Garoppolo only gave Reims one start due to an injury and he was efficient with consecutive wins.

• Garoppolo completed 75.6% of the pass with 358 yards and four touchdowns without interception in the victory over Rams and Jaguars. The turnover for Garoppolo to start the season was a problem, but he committed only one of the last four starts.

• Garoppolo targeted Trent Williams on the left tackle with imperfections in the goal line. It’s actually a great hand. He can do that. We save it. “

• Garoppolo, on 18 and 20 long drives, said in a few weeks in a row: [in Jacksonville].. This was a grinder type drive. Last week I was just doing something of their throat type. This week was a little different. “

Coach Speak | Kyle Shanahan

• Kyle Shanahan is in his fifth season as head coach of the 49ers, with a record of 34-40 (.459) in the regular season and a record of 2-1 in one playoff. The San Francisco 49ers are half-hearted under Shanahan, with 49ers ranked 13th in yards and 16th in points this season.

• Former Falcons Coordinator Shanahan has evolved a system that has spread throughout the NFL, including Minnesota. The 49ers brand relies heavily on playing fake attacks in a variety of haste and setting up receivers in catch-and-run situations.

• The future of Shana Hanon Garoppolo: “We don’t object to Jimmy that we took him, but I believe Tray will be our future man. As I said, Jimmy. I think it’s really hard to beat him. Immediately. That’s why now. “

• Shanahan describes how moving Samuel can help attack the defense: Everything needs to be explained, just like movements and places where guys line up. “

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Scout Report: 49ers Samuel, Bosa, and Kitol Cause Viking Problems Scout Report: 49ers Samuel, Bosa, and Kitol Cause Viking Problems

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